Two Thumbs Up for Pro Concert Music

A couple of months ago I started taking guitar lessons. I’d had my guitar for about five years and finally found somebody that was willing to teach me on an unusual schedule. I scheduled my first lesson and when I opened the case a part of the guitar was broken. I didn’t know where to take it so I took it to a place in Corinth. I told them that I had to have it back by the following Saturday, which gave them seven days to fix it.

After talking with the folks in this business, I had settled with fixing my guitar, setting it up, and putting me a new set of string on it. I thought I was getting a good price.

I called on Tuesday and they told me I could pick it up on Thursday. Thursday came and I dropped by. It wasn’t fixed. Told me that they were gonna have to order the part to fix it. I wasn’t satisfied with doing that, so they agreed to put a used part on it to have it fixed by Friday.

Friday came around and they called and told me I could pick it up around 3pm. I said, “Great!” I dropped by again and it was fixed. Little did I know that the strings were too high and I left.

I continued to play my guitar for a little while and it turned out that they hadn’t set it up. I decided right then and there that I wouldn’t be doing business with them anymore.

I asked a few friends about where to get my guitar set up at and one of them told me about Pro Concert Music in Tupelo, MS. I called them last Monday morning and was told they could do the work in 10 minutes. Was told how much and I told them I would be by that day.

After finding Pro Concert, I took my instrument in and I showed them what was wrong and they agreed that it needed set up and the strings lowered. He started to work on it and I told him that I was just going to leave it and would be back in 45 minutes to an hour. He said, “I’ll have it ready for you.”

Tish, Lillie and I went down to a pizza place and ate and then returned to Pro Concert. Sure enough, he had it ready for me. I strummed it a little and was satisfied.

I took a lesson Sunday afternoon and my teacher wanted to play my guitar after I got it tuned. He said that it sounded great. It really does when it’s in the hands of someone who can play. I’m not at that level yet but will be soon.

My guitar is a Peavey acoustic and while at Pro Concert, Matt told me that Peavey doesn’t make an acoustic anymore. I’ve tried in the past to sell it but for now I’m going to hang on to it. I’d really like to have an electric guitar but I’m gonna wait for a while until I’m ready for it.

If you even need your guitar repaired, I highly recommend Pro Concert. Depending on what you need done, I’m sure your mileage will differ. I’m am positive that you’ll get great service. They also have a selection of guitars and drums and other things. All things pertaining to music.

Here are their details:
Pro Concert Music
1487 N Coley Rd
Tupelo, MS 38801
(662) 842-0300

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  1. Wow you were right near my neighborhood, I pass by Pro Concert all the time on the way to work.

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