Tech Talk Thursday #2

The Weeks App

Last week we looked at our first app that went for $10. This week we are gonna look at a free app for your iPhone/iPod Touch: Audioboo.

With this app you can post an audio to the web and then it will tweet it and also post to your Facebook page. You can also listen to what other people are talking about in their audioboos right in the app. You don’t have to set up and account with Audioboo but it makes keeping up with you boos alot easier.

If you choose to get an account then you can link the app and it will upload the audio to your account. Before uploading your audioboo you can name it and also add a picture and tags. I haven’t reached a time limit yet but I’ve heard that it was three minutes but I’ve also heard audioboos there were up to five minutes.

Apple Lawsuits

I know recently that Apple has been sued by everybody and their brother but I think it’s about time that the lawsuits stop. Last week Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement for something that has been in the iPhone since the very first one. Where has Nokia been? Why did Nokia wait two and half years to sue?


I know alot of people shop online like I do and I also know that they like to save money. Well, here is a deal for everybody. I’d like to invite you to visit this site and when you sign up (for FREE) and shop at your mall you get money back. Also, when you invite someone to sign up and they shop they get money back and you get a commission for introducing them to Blastoff. It is completely FREE and I have already shopped there and earned money back. This pays to ten levels down so it’s a good deal for everyone. The only thing you have to lose by checking it out is just a few minutes of time. Here’s the link again.

That’s going to do me for this weeks Triple T. I’ll be back again next week with another edition.

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