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July 28th

This post was actually going to be about the month of December but after doing some reading on Wikipedia, I decided to write about the day I was born. I didn’t realize that so much had happened on that date.

The Battle of Cascina was fought in 1364. Five hundred years later the Battle of Ezra Church was found during the American civil war. In 1976, the Tangshan earthquake measuring between 7.8 and 8.2 moment magnitude flattens Tangshan, the People’s Republic of China, killing 242,769 and injuring 164,851. And more recently in 2008, the historic Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare burned down for the second time in 80 years.

Who would have thought all of that happened on July 28th? I haven’t heard of any of these events but it’s interesting to read about different things that happened on the date your were born. Unfortunately, a look in the births didn’t include my name and thankfully the deaths didn’t either.

If you get a chance and don’t have anything else to do, you should check out Wikipedia and see for yourself what happened on the date you were born. I’m sure you will find it fascinating and you will learn something in the process.

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Tech Talk Thursday #6

AT&T vs. Verizon

I want to put my two cents into this argument and share my feelings about AT&T. I think AT&T needs to get over the whining and get off their digital butts and get 3G in areas that aren’t currently covered by 3G.

I travel a lot and I do like the fast 3G data network but the Edge data is fast enough for me. I don’t stream video and mostly do light stuff. Sometimes I do like to be able to talk on the phone and access the Internet sometimes but not often. I also use a data card on my PowerBook G4 and it works great on Edge and 3G but I do prefer the 3G because it is much faster downloading podcast. Also, sometimes Edge just doesn’t want to work. I experience that on my iPhone too.

I have been with AT&T for over seven years. I started out with a Bellsouth phone then went to Cingular and now AT&T. I haven’t had a bit of problems with them and haven’t seen anything wrong with their customer service department either. I’m sorry for those of you who have but I don’t think I’m getting the royal treatment either.

App Review

LED Football

This app takes me back a long way. I remember playing this at my grandmother’s house because my uncle hand one of these games. I played it hours on end and never tired of it until the battery ran out. It’s the classic LED Football. I saw this game at Wal-Mart not long ago but for 99 cents for this app I’d rather save the $9.01 because this is as real as it gets.
You simply try to avoid the defense and when you score it makes the same sound it did way back when.

The only downside to this app is that if you receive a call while playing it just starts over because there is no way to save a game. Also, you only get to play one 15.0 period per game and the score reset to zero. You can either play a single player or two player game and level of difficulty can be easy or hard. The only difference I can tell from the easy and hard is that the time runs twice as fast and the “defense” move faster.

I know that I’ll be playing this game for a long time. I generally don’t play games on any platform because I really don’t have an interest and I also look at my iPhone as more of a production tool. I have a couple of other games that I enjoy playing on occasion on the iPhone but will save those for another time.

LED Football 2 is also available in the App Store along with LED Basketball but I haven’t played either of them.

That’s going to do me for this week. Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving and will see you again next week.

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Trucker Tuesday #2

Welcome back for the second edition of Trucker Tuesday. In this edition I’m going to tell you a little about me and also share with you another one of my pet peeves I see in the trucking industry.

About Me

I’ve been trucking full time since May 2000 and stayed with the same company for almost seven years. I’ve been with my current company for almost three years now. I started out in trucking in July 1994 when I needed a job and my father-in-law started teaching me to drive. I didn’t have any problems except for backing. I think we all have that problem when we first start out. Backing is one of those things that really takes alot of practice. We drove team for about four months and then I made my first solo trip to Crossville, TN. It wasn’t good. I will spare you the details but, trust me, it just wasn’t good.

I continued to drive until October 1996 when I started working for a furniture company. I worked my way up and finally got an office job sitting in front of a computer. i actually was programming CNC equipment. I enjoyed it but it just wasn’t making the bills. I started driving team again with a company and enjoyed it for a while. I guess it always happens but the company started to believe that they owned us. We left when they told us to leave and came home when they told us to come home. In the beginning we were told me I’d be home most weekends. Those weekends started being few and the dispatchers made it even worse. I’ll save the rest for another Tuesday.

I finally had enough and started working my current job and I like it. It can be hard work sometimes but for a trucking job it’s good. I am home most weekends here and I don’t feel like the boss thinks he owns me. Home time comes and goes. I may be home for one night this week but then the next time I’m home I may be home two or three.

Pet Peeve #2

Another one of my pet peeves is a driver stinking. I was in a Pilot in West Memphis, AR, one time and went past this guy and he was stinking to high heaven. He smelled like he hadn’t had a shower in a long time. After he left, the cashiers were spraying air freshener to cover the smell up.

I don’t understand why a driver would want to stink. They give you a free shower when you fuel up and you normally have five days to redeem the shower. I personally like to take a shower everyday but that isn’t always possible. I will get a shower every other day though.

For the Record

These pet peeves aren’t directed at any one person or company. They are just my feeling about what is happening in the trucking industry and maybe some of the things we as drivers can do to improve our image. Let’s face it, the public doesn’t see us the same way we see us. They think we are foul mouthed, dirty, speed demons ready for an accident to happen. A few bad apples ruin them all.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again next Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving!


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National Diabetes Awareness Month

It was brought to my attention the other day that November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. You may wonder why I am bothering to write a post about diabetes. In September 2008 I was diagnosed with it and it really scared me. I knew I wasn’t sick and was along way from it but I also knew that I had to keep my sugar under control. My first A1C was 8.7. I went back in three months and it was down to 6.0. Six months later it was down to 5.8. I go back to have it checked again next month and hope to get a good report.

Live with diabetes can be difficult at times but it’s all about control. I’ve decided that 2010 is going to be my year and I’m going to keep a closer reign on my sugar. Even though it doesn’t go high and stay, sometimes I can feel the effects of it going high. I can also feel it when my sugar gets to low.

To find out more about diabetes including facts and myths about diabetes visit the American Diabetes Association’s website here.

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Tech Talk Thursday #5

Welcome back for another edition of my Triple T that I stole from Rob a month ago. Today we are going to be talking about some of the streaming audio applications available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.


TuneWiki is different that all of the other apps that I have because it will play songs from you music library and it will also play internet radio stations. What sets it apart is that it will go out and get the lyrics to the song that is playing. Some songs can’t be found but it displays the album art, artist, and album name. In the app you will find tons of genres of music. For example: blues, 80s, classic rock, reggae, and many more. The best part about this app is that it is FREE!


I really like this app, when it works. I know part of the problem is the area that I’m trying to stream the audio but sometimes I have to restart this app two or three times. Even though this app contains hundreds of stations around the country I like to listen to KFI out of Los Angeles and under Personalities I like the Elvis Duran Channel. This app is worth checking out for FREE too!

Here is a list of the other streaming audio apps I have on my iPhone:

AOL Radio
Concert Vault

That’s going to do me for this weeks Tech Talk Thursday. Be sure to check out Rob’s blog here, where he does a Triple T on Tuesday.


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Trucker Tuesday #1

Welcome to the first of my weekly post about trucking. These post are not going be just the news that you can read in a trucking paper. I’m going to lay it out of how I see truckers and other things that are happening in the industry. You comments are welcome and I will approve all comments unless you use bad language or you intend to cause harm to some other party. Now on with this week’s edition of Trucker Tuesday.

Pet Peeve #1

I have lots of pet peeves that I see other drivers doing or not doing and the first one on my list is parking illegally when there is plenty of parking. I went into a Love’s in VA last week and the place was a mad house. Drivers parked along the curve, in front of the fuel islands. When I finally got around them I saw plenty of parking spaces. After I got fuel, I tried pulling around to park but the incoming traffic wouldn’t let me “break line”. While waiting there, I saw a driver pull up and then she tried going around all of the blocked traffic. I guess she was in a hurry.

Funny Thing Happened

After getting pulled into my parking space, I went inside to take a shower. I asked them to put my name on the list. I told her my name and she said I was already on there. I said, “That’s not me.” So I have her my last initial. I got out of the way and told the other driver waiting that there wass already a Jeremy on the list and he said, “That’s me.” We talked for couple minutes and they called him, “Jeremy #1”. I guess that makes me “Jeremy #2”.

Thanks for stopping

Thanks for stopping by and hope you will be next week for another edition of Trucker Tuesday.

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Tech Talk Thursday #4

This week I’m gonna review two free applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

K-LOVE app (iTunes Link)

The K-LOVE app is just simply a radio app for K-LOVE. This station (or network) plays contemporary Christian music that is “Positive & Encouraging”. You just start the app and it starts playing.

My experience with the app hasn’t been all that good over Edge but over 3G and WI-FI it works perfect. Along with the main start up screen it also displays current contest, events, and an encouraging word from scripture.

This is my second most listened to audio app I have on my iPhone.

Pizza Hut app (iTunes Link)

Last week Pizza Hut announced it had made $1 million from this app. I’m in total shock. I don’t even have the app on my iPhone anymore because it only has carry out and delivery options. I’d like to be able to place my order before I get there and dine-in too. I’ve heard this option is available but I haven’t been able to find it. Can someone help me out?

The app is alright for it’s intended purpose but I don’t like it for the above reason. Same thing goes for the Domino’s mobile website but it is so much easier to order a pizza from Domino’s with the web interface than it is with the Pizza Hut app.

That’s going to do me for this week. Be sure to check back here next week for more reviews of some of my favorite apps and some of my not so favorite.

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