Why I Quit Trucker Talk w/Hojo & KatDaddy

In January 2007, my best friend and I decided that we were going to start a new podcast on Talkshoe. We started out doing the show two nights a week and then went to four nights. We had some good times and called it quit for a little while. Since then, several things have happened and we really wanted to do this show but never could get any participation.

We had done all we thought we could do to get people involved. We gave out the number during the show, tweeted about it, and even did a newspaper article. Nothing seemed to work.

A couple of weeks ago we decided to call it quits again for the third time. This was our final time to quit because we won’t be starting the show again. I have come the the conclusion of why we couldn’t get any real participation.

The following are my words and are not necessarily the opinion of KatDaddy. I did not tell him I was writing this so if you’d like his scoop, you’ll have to ask him.

The reason I don’t think anybody would call in is because we didn’t cuss on our show. On time we had a guy that dropped the F bomb and we edited that show (which is the only show that was edited) to take it out. I have listened to some of the other trucker’s podcast and cussing is something that some of them like to do. I don’t have a problem with you cussing on your podcast but I do have a problem with you cussing on my podcast. It’s was our show and we didn’t want that kind of talk on our show. We didn’t want our kids listening to our show ten or twenty years from now and thinking, “Man, Daddy cussed alot back then.” We don’t normally talk like that and we wanted to be real.

We even asked people to email us topics that they wanted us to talk about but we couldn’t even get an email. I think in the time that we did the show we got three emails. We even did a drawing for our 50th show and gave away a couple of bags of beef jerky that we advertised and the all you had to do was send us a postcard with your name and address. We got ONE CARD!

With all of that being said, Trucker Talk is gone and won’t be back. We ended up recording 139 episodes. You can still download 136 because three were lost. To find our archives just visit Talkshoe and search for show number 12566 or click here for a direct line to the show.


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5 responses to “Why I Quit Trucker Talk w/Hojo & KatDaddy

  1. Jason

    I never came cause I honestly hate talkshoe. Seems like every time I got on it wouldn’t work properly. Nothing against you at all. I liked your show when I could actually get on talkshoe and it was working properly.

    • The post wasn’t directed to any one person. I was simply making a statement that if someone is going to download and listen to a podcast they should be willing to take part in it. I listen to several podcast and enjoy all of them. I only listen to podcast that I like. Sometimes I even change what kinds of podcast I listen too. There’s alot of content out there but with the downloads we were getting I feel that atleast one person would have emailed us. Just my opinion.

  2. Mert

    This is horrible news for me. I download your show and have never participated. You both have a lot of talent and you really don’t need people to call in. Speaking for myself, I would rather listen to you and Katdaddy than to have someone else one the line. This is sad news. Good luck and thanks for the shows you did.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mert. We did enjoy doing the show but felt that it was time to move onto other things. This blog is one of the things that I’m doing and I’m really liking it. We are finished with Talkshoe but can’t say that we are finished. We have a couple of ideas but just haven’t gotten around to trying to do them. We don’t get together very often because of the miles between us and also our schedule doesn’t always allow us to see each other. Be sure to check here because I will post any news about what we are doing here.

      Thanks for listening to our show too.

      • mert

        Hey Jeremy.

        I’ve been re-listening to some of your older shows. You guys always crack me up. Any news regarding the Hojo and Katdaddy show? I love the blog but really liked your show.

        Take care.

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