Tech Talk Thursday #3

Call Congress App

How many times have you been watching the news and saw something that Congress was voting on and thought, “I ought to get online and look up my senator’s phone number and give them a call.”? I know I have and have even called and was kindly thanked for calling and sent a letter from my senator thanking for calling and expressing my opinion on the matter.

Those days of having to look for the number are over. All you need now is the Call Congress app (iTune link). This is a pretty straight forward application for the iPhone. The app gets your GPS location and displays the two senators for the state and the representative for the district. You can also manually select your state. Along with the names of the senators and representative you will find the direct phone number to them. You select the one you want to call and your phone dials the number. How easy could it get? The best part about this app is that it’s free.

So the next time you want to complain about what your congressperson is voting for or against, just whip out the trusty iPhone and start Call Congress and you’ll instantly be in contact with them.

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