Childhood Memories #1-Collecting Baseball Cards

Today I’m starting a new kind of blog post. It will be a monthy

Now that the 2009 baseball season is over with and my least favorite team won the World Series, it kind of takes me back to 1987. That was the year that I started collecting baseball cards. It really wasn’t an early age to start collecting cards because I turned 16 years old that year.

I remember exactly how it all started. I went to Shopezy (those not familiar with Walnut, MS…it’s a grocery store) and bought a pack of baseball cards for forty cents. I had earned the money by mowing a church yard. I opened the pack and looked through them. I didn’t know any of the players but I didn’t show them to some friends that lived down the road. I found out that one of them had been collecting cards for a long time and we looked at some of the cards they he had collected over the years.

During that summer, we traded cards that we had two of for one that we didn’t have. I also got to go to my first card show that year and that was exciting. I watched baseball whenever I could and started keeping up with the teams and decided that year that the St Louis Cardinals were going to be my favorite. I don’t know the reason I chose them, I just know that I did.

That year’s World Series was played between the Cardinals and the Twins. The Twins ended up winning but I didn’t care. I had the baseball cards and that was all that mattered. I loved keeping up with my favorite players (Will Clark was one because he played for Mississippi State).

The following two or three years, I continued to buy and collect baseball cards until I had a pretty good collection and could almost tell you the name of every player and what team he played on. For some reason I lost interest in collecting cards but my love for baseball didn’t. To this day, I still like watching those Cardinals play ball and got to go and see them play against the Mets back in 2005 with my best friend and our boys.

I still have those baseball cards, mostly in plastic sheets. I don’t know how how many I have but I hope one day to give them to my son so he can enjoy them. I like to flip through the pages sometimes and remember watching the players play on the field.

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  1. Tish Holley

    Hey Baby. Just thought I’d tell ya I love ya and I think Abie is as much if not more into baseball as JJ is, but you never know what the future holds.

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