Review: Beauty Will Rise Album by Steven Curtis Chapman

I’ve listen to this album three times and all I can say about it is, “Wow!” This has got to be one of my favorite albums by any artist. It’s an amazing work of art.

Background of SCC

Back in May 2008 Steven Curtis Chapman lost one of his little girls in a tragic accident. What should have been a time of celebration turned quickly into a time of sadness.


I can’t pick a favorite song from this album because I love them all. If you listen to the lyrics you quickly realize that SCC was grieving but also praising God. How someone can do this, I don’t know, but SCC found strength to somehow praise our awesome God.

He talked about the things that he remembers doing with his little girl and what he wants to do with her when he gets to heaven. As I listened to the songs I didn’t know if I should be crying or rejoicing. This album is probably best listened to alone but also great to share with someone you know that has lost someone close.

It’s well worth the $9.99 from iTunes and I don’t regret buying it. Here’s a link to the album.

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