Trucker Tuesday #1

Welcome to the first of my weekly post about trucking. These post are not going be just the news that you can read in a trucking paper. I’m going to lay it out of how I see truckers and other things that are happening in the industry. You comments are welcome and I will approve all comments unless you use bad language or you intend to cause harm to some other party. Now on with this week’s edition of Trucker Tuesday.

Pet Peeve #1

I have lots of pet peeves that I see other drivers doing or not doing and the first one on my list is parking illegally when there is plenty of parking. I went into a Love’s in VA last week and the place was a mad house. Drivers parked along the curve, in front of the fuel islands. When I finally got around them I saw plenty of parking spaces. After I got fuel, I tried pulling around to park but the incoming traffic wouldn’t let me “break line”. While waiting there, I saw a driver pull up and then she tried going around all of the blocked traffic. I guess she was in a hurry.

Funny Thing Happened

After getting pulled into my parking space, I went inside to take a shower. I asked them to put my name on the list. I told her my name and she said I was already on there. I said, “That’s not me.” So I have her my last initial. I got out of the way and told the other driver waiting that there wass already a Jeremy on the list and he said, “That’s me.” We talked for couple minutes and they called him, “Jeremy #1”. I guess that makes me “Jeremy #2”.

Thanks for stopping

Thanks for stopping by and hope you will be next week for another edition of Trucker Tuesday.

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