Tech Talk Thursday #5

Welcome back for another edition of my Triple T that I stole from Rob a month ago. Today we are going to be talking about some of the streaming audio applications available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.


TuneWiki is different that all of the other apps that I have because it will play songs from you music library and it will also play internet radio stations. What sets it apart is that it will go out and get the lyrics to the song that is playing. Some songs can’t be found but it displays the album art, artist, and album name. In the app you will find tons of genres of music. For example: blues, 80s, classic rock, reggae, and many more. The best part about this app is that it is FREE!


I really like this app, when it works. I know part of the problem is the area that I’m trying to stream the audio but sometimes I have to restart this app two or three times. Even though this app contains hundreds of stations around the country I like to listen to KFI out of Los Angeles and under Personalities I like the Elvis Duran Channel. This app is worth checking out for FREE too!

Here is a list of the other streaming audio apps I have on my iPhone:

AOL Radio
Concert Vault

That’s going to do me for this weeks Tech Talk Thursday. Be sure to check out Rob’s blog here, where he does a Triple T on Tuesday.


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2 responses to “Tech Talk Thursday #5

  1. I also like WunderRadio, as it features streams from all over–particularly important to me on football Sundays. It irks me to no end that you can buy MLB audio for every game (both home and away announcers), yet there is no NFL audio option. I know Sprint is the “official” network, but come on!

    I don’t listen to much Pandora, but I’m considering a change in that behavior. Pandora now streams on Roku (one of the best investments we’ve made…saving ourselves a $60 a month in cable TV programming) and I might be making more use of that. I need an Mac app that records Pandora streams. Might have to go search for that.

    • I looked at WunderRadio and it looks pretty neat but the price will keep me away. If I listened to radio a lot that would be a great price but no more than I would listen to it I’m going to pass.

      You would think that NFL would get off their butts and get an app out too.

      As far as the Mac app that records, have you seen Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro? I have an old version that I got a long time ago and I use it to hijack my browser but not sure if it will hijack Pandora. You can download a trail version and see. They have some other neat software too. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for dropping by and hope you will come back often.

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