Trucker Tuesday #2

Welcome back for the second edition of Trucker Tuesday. In this edition I’m going to tell you a little about me and also share with you another one of my pet peeves I see in the trucking industry.

About Me

I’ve been trucking full time since May 2000 and stayed with the same company for almost seven years. I’ve been with my current company for almost three years now. I started out in trucking in July 1994 when I needed a job and my father-in-law started teaching me to drive. I didn’t have any problems except for backing. I think we all have that problem when we first start out. Backing is one of those things that really takes alot of practice. We drove team for about four months and then I made my first solo trip to Crossville, TN. It wasn’t good. I will spare you the details but, trust me, it just wasn’t good.

I continued to drive until October 1996 when I started working for a furniture company. I worked my way up and finally got an office job sitting in front of a computer. i actually was programming CNC equipment. I enjoyed it but it just wasn’t making the bills. I started driving team again with a company and enjoyed it for a while. I guess it always happens but the company started to believe that they owned us. We left when they told us to leave and came home when they told us to come home. In the beginning we were told me I’d be home most weekends. Those weekends started being few and the dispatchers made it even worse. I’ll save the rest for another Tuesday.

I finally had enough and started working my current job and I like it. It can be hard work sometimes but for a trucking job it’s good. I am home most weekends here and I don’t feel like the boss thinks he owns me. Home time comes and goes. I may be home for one night this week but then the next time I’m home I may be home two or three.

Pet Peeve #2

Another one of my pet peeves is a driver stinking. I was in a Pilot in West Memphis, AR, one time and went past this guy and he was stinking to high heaven. He smelled like he hadn’t had a shower in a long time. After he left, the cashiers were spraying air freshener to cover the smell up.

I don’t understand why a driver would want to stink. They give you a free shower when you fuel up and you normally have five days to redeem the shower. I personally like to take a shower everyday but that isn’t always possible. I will get a shower every other day though.

For the Record

These pet peeves aren’t directed at any one person or company. They are just my feeling about what is happening in the trucking industry and maybe some of the things we as drivers can do to improve our image. Let’s face it, the public doesn’t see us the same way we see us. They think we are foul mouthed, dirty, speed demons ready for an accident to happen. A few bad apples ruin them all.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again next Tuesday. Happy Thanksgiving!


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2 responses to “Trucker Tuesday #2

  1. Martin

    West Memphis,AR seems to draw in the worst of the worst of most drivers. Never stop there only if I have to fuel. Bypass that place all the time never stop for a break there. Bad news all around. I agree stinking drivers are the worst, if you cant shower then at least put on some clean clothes use baby wipes on yourself or something. If the driver sitnks then his truck really stinks.

    • Thanks for the comment Martin. I’m like you and I don’t generally stop in West Memphis either unless I just have to stop. I don’t like stopping there because of all the riff-raff that goes on around the truck stops. I agree with you too…if you can’t take a shower then clean clothes and baby wipes are a must. I carry them in my truck too and not ashamed of using them. I went into a McDonald’s one time in California and washed my hair and shaved at the sink. I didn’t feel my best but it was better than I did feel.

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