Tech Talk Thursday #7

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I know I ate way too much turkey and dressing and all that other stuff too. Enough of the small talk. Let’s get right into tech.

Google Wave

I still have seven Google Wave invites to give out. If you are interested in getting one just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I’ll send one right out. When they are all gone I will delete this portion of the post. Thanks, Rob, for sending me mine last week.

iPhone 4G Rumor

There’s a rumor that the iPhone 4G is in the wild. My question is: What more could you want from a cellphone than what you already have in the iPhone 3GS? Even though I am still using my barely one year old 3G, it still does everything that I want it to do. The only thing that the 3GS has that I think I’d like to have is the video. It would be nice to be able to shoot video and post to YouTube on the spot. Until I get a new iPhone I will keep on using Audioboo.

Evidently, this is nothing new. The iPhone 3GS should up in November 2008 and there were references to it in the firmware. I thought they had been seeing references in the firmware for the 4G for a while now. Can’t wait to see what Apple has come up with.

Bejeweled 2

For the second week in a row I have picked a game to review here. Bejeweled was the first paid app that I bought. I have played it hours on end and it’s a fun game. The last update made it even better. You can connect it with your Facebook and play a one minute blitz game. I’ve never connected it to my Facebook but the offline is fun. It’s really hard to put down.

The object of the game is the try and get three in a row of the same “jewel”. Sounds pretty easy until they all start running together and the matches are few and far between. You can play the classic (you move jewels unti you have no more moves), action (you have to fill a meter before it runs out of time), endless (the game never ends), and blitz.

I’m sure you’ll get hours of fun out of this app too and for only $2.99 it’s a really good deal.

That will do me until next week. Next week I’ll be reviewing a couple of my favorite Instant Messenging apps. Stay tuned. Be sure to visit Rob over at the TupeloGeek blog too.

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