Trucker Tuesday #4

This past Saturday I made a trip to the ER. It wasn’t to visit a friend either. It was because I thought I was having a heart attack. I know we’ve all heard that if you even think that you are having a heart attack to get medical treatment.

The first time that I thought I was having one was in Kentucky. I was passing through on my way home and just had this feeling that I don’t know how to describe along with chest pain but after a few minutes it went away. The second time, I was in Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon. Nothing unusual and that same feeling come over my body. I went and found Tish and told her that I wanted to go to the hospital. I did change my mind several times during the next little while but finally went.

Upon arriving at the hospital, I got checked in and was called back almost immediately. They took my vitals and all that good stuff. I was taken to a room where they hooked me up to an EKG and oxygen. Soon after, they took some x-rays and blood. After all was said and done, I didn’t have a heart attack and my cardio checked out but the cause of my chest pain is still unknown.

I shared this because I want you to check out the warning signs of a heart attack. You can find them at the American Heart Association’s website. Take a look around here and get more education about your heart. It could save your life. If at any time you think you are having a heart attack get to a hospital or pull over and call 911. I was lucky and didn’t have one but I wanted to make sure. You make sure too.

Thanks for dropping by today and hope to see you next week.


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2 responses to “Trucker Tuesday #4

  1. Hey I just read your post about your trip to the ER. I hate to play Doctor but I will this time anyway. I had a couple of similar experiences. I talked to my Doc and she sent me for a scan on my gall bladder. Turned out to be gall stones. I just had it removed back on the 3rd of December. Just now getting back to work in the morning. So like I said I hate to play Doc but the next checkup you get you might ask the Doc. Take care.

    • Hey Laydon. Thanks for the comment. If you read the Trucker Tuesday #5.1 then you know how everything turned out for me. Thanks for reading my blog and I look forward to reading yours too. I just started this on a whim and have decided to make it a regular part of my life. I enjoy sharing. I’m basically just trying to get down alot of things that I have stored in my head so my children can come here and see just what my life was like, as I was living it.

      I think a blog is also that perfect thing for sharing things that you remember from long ago. It’s an online thing and will probably be here long after I am gone for others to enjoy. It amazes my mom that I can remember events about my childhood that she has long forgotten. The other thing that amazes her is that I can remember details like about what time of year it was and who was around at the time.

      Hope you are having a great week. You be careful out there.

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