Trucker Tuesday #5.1

Welcome to the second edition for today of Trucker Tuesday. I’m sure some of you would like to know what happened after last weeks Trucker Tuesday. I am here to share that now.

Great News

I did not have a heart attack and after my stress test last Wednesday, I found out that I do not have any blockages in my heart. I am thankful for that. Also, on that day, I had the gallbladder ultra-sound done. It also came back negative. I’m pretty sure it all came down to stress. I know I’m gonna have to not let so much bother me, but I’ll save that for another time.

In other News

The night after my visit to the hospital I woke up with alot of pain in my lower left arm. I have had gout before and thought that was what it was so I started taking my medicine for it. It normally only takes two or three pills to put it to rest but after five it was still hurting. I lived with it until the doctor would see me last Friday and could do the blood work. I was ready to cut it off Thursday night and Friday morning. I couldn’t even write my name or button my pants.

I decided to just have all of my blood work done on this visit instead of waiting to have to take off another day right after Christmas. After all was said and done, the doctor was satisfied with my numbers and especially my A1C being 5.7. I was sure that had drifted back up.

Today I heard that the cause of all my pain in my hand and arm was gout. She did prescribe me some more medicine for it but I can’t start taking it until I get home this weekend. My hand and arm are much better today.

One More Thing

I didn’t mean for this to turn into something this long but I have got to share one more thing with you. Starting in January, on the third Tuesday of the month, I will be featuring another driver. I have some lined up already but if you would be interested in telling me a story or two and letting me post it here please contact me. I love to talk with you. You can contact me via the comments, email, or my GV number (731) 613-4656. Leave me a voice mail and I’ll get back with you.

Thanks for stopping!

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  1. Good to hear your in good health, with exception of the gout. I’m still trying to learn the in’s and out’s of wordpress. And decide on the things I will be blogging about. I will set it to notify me by email as soon as I can. Be safe, take care.


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