Tech Talk Thursday #9

Apple and iPod

Welcome to this weeks Tech Talk Thursday. You probably have already read that Apple is being named Brand of the Decade and I have to full agree. I started out with Apple way back when the first generation iPod shuffle was still here. I then went and bough a PowerBook G4, which I still use today, and have several other Apple products, namely my iPhone.

The iPod has also been named Product of the Decade. Besides the 512MB iPod shuffle, I remember the fifth generation iPod with video that I bought just a week after it was announced. I had another MP3 player but it wasn’t as nice as this iPod. I ended up giving the old player to someone else. I’ve enjoyed probably 1000s of hours of listening to that one iPod and many more hours on my iPhone and second generation iPod shuffle. The iPod is very deserving of this name.


When’s the last time you went to Wal-Mart or Walgreen’s and saw the big red thing out front? Redbox has been around for a while now and I for one love them. I’ve rented movies at one place and returned them at another. How convenient! You simply select the movies you want and swipe your card and you are charged $1+tax for the first night. When you return them you get a confirmation email telling you where it was returned and what time. When you return all of your movies you will get a final receipt for the additional amount, if you kept them more than one night. Simple as can be.

Now for the iPhone app. This is pretty cool. It uses your GPS location to find a redbox and then you can browse the movies that are available in the particular redbox. Even better, you can reserve a movies from the app too. Simply reserve, got to the redbox, swipe the same card that you reserved it with, and out comes your movie(s). Signing up for an account is easy here. To make this deal even better, the app is free.

The iPhone User Guide

Wanted to send you on over to one of my favorite iPhone websites. You will find loads of info here about the iPhone. Tips & Tricks, hacks, iPhone software, and even a forum. I enjoy getting the daily email from them letting me in on what new post I will find too.

That’s going to do me for this week. Will see you back here next week on Christmas Eve and let you know what I’d want you to get me at the last minute.

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