Trucker Tuesday #7

As I thought about what I wanted to write about today, I was remembering an old driving partner of mine. We didn’t get to drive with each other very long because he went on to other things but one thing that he did reminded me of a mistake that I had made a few years before.

I had started with the company in 2000 and had to pick a load up in Jackson, TN. It was a simple drop and hook but one thing was different. I had to get a king pin lock of the trailer I was picking up and put it on the one I was dropping. I hadn’t been back driving long and didn’t really have a plan on how to do what I needed to do. I got in a hurry. I dropped my trailer and was almost finished when I heard a loud noise. I looked back and my pig tail was fly across the air. I had pulled my pig tail out of the truck along with my air hoses and the tires rubbed holes in them pretty quick. I had to go and have them fixed at the Internatinal dealer and got behind.

Now back to my partner, Matt. I can’t remember what he went by on the radio but he was about three or four years younger than me. At the time, he was the youngest driver at the company and I was next to him. One day we were talking and I told him the story about how I forgot to unhook my hoses and I told him that from then on I did the exact same thing every time to keep from making the mistake again.

To unhook:
1) unhook hoses
2) roll dollies down
3) unhook king pin

To hook up:
1) back under trailer and pull on king pin
2) hook hoses up
3) roll dollies up

It was kind of ironic that we had this conversation because we went to Eagle Pass, TX, and he drove in. Normally when driving team, the guy in the sleeper stays there and lets his/her partner do the all of the thing that have to be done at a drop place. I did stay in the sleeper and when Matt pulled out from under the trailer, I heard the hoses hit the back of the cab. I got up and he said, “You ok?” I said, “Yeah, you just pulled your hoses off!” He set his brakes and jumped out mumbling under his breath. Most people I know that worked there would have been mad but I thought it was funny after our conversation just a couple days before.

I don’t know where Matt is today but that day he did give me a good laugh.

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