Trucker Tuesday #8-Driving While Tired and/or Sleepy

Welcome to the eighth edition of Trucker Tuesday. First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of folks for posting my Christmas story to their blog. Carlie from the Bizz Buzz blog via the Daily Journal in Tupelo and Todd from the Channel 19 blog. Thanks again!

Driving While Tired and/or Sleepy

This is not going to be another lecture about “You shouldn’t be driving while you are tired or sleepy”. This is just a collection of a couple of stories that I have heard the last several years about drivers that have done that. The first two stories I don’t even know if they are true because they were told to me. I would take them with a grain of salt but I guess they could happen. The last story about me is true.

Slim was driving down the road one night and was coming upon a red light and slowed. Evidently, he went to sleep while stopped at the light because about an hour after he stopped at the light, he was awaken by a police officer who said that he been by a couple of times and was just sitting there. That is not a good thing.

Another driver told me about a time that he was trying to get home and was driving through town in Tupelo. It was before the bypass was built. He told me that this night he pulled up to the light at the hospital and saw the prettiest, biggest boat he’d ever seen go through the intersection. Those of you familiar with Tupelo know there isn’t any water around for a while.

I really wasn’t driving when this incident happened but I was making my way from El Paso to Eagle Pass one night (I was on duty from 3pm-3am) and after leaving the interstate at Van Horn I pulled into a picnic area just down the road. I might have slept 15-20 minutes while sitting in the seat and when I woke up I would have sworn I was seeing an camel walking across the road from the other side. After I finally got awake enough, I realized it was just a couple of palm trees that did kind of look like a camel. I got a good laugh out of it and so did my partner when he woke up.

That’s going to do me for this weeks edition of Trucker Tuesday. Hope you are enjoying reading these stories and would appreciate any comments or even stories that you might have. Thanks for stopping by and will see you next week.

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