Trucker Tuesday #10-Airborne

Welcome to this special edition of Trucker Tuesday. Since this is the third Tuesday of the month I’m going to take a break from telling some of my stories and tell one from a friend of mine, who is also a trucker.

Airborne is named this probably because he was a paratrooper in the United States Army. He tells me he’s been driving over the road since 1980 but started out driving in 1978 locally.

I asked Airborne what he liked about trucking or the trucking industry and he told me the things he liked best was the opportunity to travel and see different places.

His dislike is one that many of us have and that is the way that the industry is changing. “Companies used to care about their drivers but now it just goes down to the bottom line,” he says. “I used to work for a company where the dispatchers were promoted on the inside of the company but then they thought it would be best to get some outside help and hired someone from the banking industry and that is where it went to crap.”

“Another thing that I don’t like about trucking is being gone for so long. If it wasn’t for that I’d really love it.”

I also asked him about someone that he met that had a positive influence on him and he didn’t hesitate to tell me about Roy. “Roy was my mentor in trucking and he took care of me and showed me the ropes. One time while in Henderson, NC, I was going up and almost straight up hill and couldn’t get the trucker to move. I woke him up and he didn’t say a word. He simply got out of the truck in his underwear and went around to the driver’s side and made me move and got the truck to the top of the hill and then got back out and got in the passenger side and went back to bed. I didn’t have the problem again. I didn’t ask him to get up anymore after that, ” he said laughing.

Thanks, Airborne, for chatting with me for a little while and thank you, the reader, for stopping by. This will be a regular thing on the third Tuesday of the month so if you’d like to share you thoughts, then please send me an email or comment below and I’ll get back with you. Your regular comments are welcome too.

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  1. I had a “Roy” and he is still my friend to this day. We ran team for 8 years. Longer than my first marriage. Old school truckdriver like my Dad was. Not like the BS’s who are out there now.

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