Facebook to Charge $4.99/month

The title of this post if false. I have seen a lot people post in their status that they were against paying $4.99/month for Facebook. You can visit snopes.com and read this article about this hoax.

Now to all of you opposed to paying for the Facebook service-STOP complaining every time it goes down. Your aren’t charge anything for it and if it goes down just go about your business and do something else until it comes back up. I get sick and tired of people complaining about how Facebook isn’t working right or is too slow. If you would actually go out and plant a real garden and stop playing Farmville, Farmtown, or whatever the name is then you could have some fresh produce with little effort and very little cost.

The same thing goes for those complaining about Twitter or Gmail being down. We pay nothing for these services and it makes national news. Go figure.

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