Tech Talk Thursday #14-Come See Our Latest Creation

Apple Scheduled Event

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the big event that Apple is having next Wednesday. They obviously have something big to announce and I’d love to be there but I’ll just have to follow the event on MacRumors. That is where I followed the last two events including the announcement of iPhone 3.0.

I’d be really surprised if Apple didn’t reveal to us the rumored tablet. I’m not sure what I’m expecting but if it’s anything like the iPhone then I’m game. I’ve enjoyed my PowerBook G4 for a while now and really not sure if I want to give it up because I just like it. I also have a Windows XP netbook but find the keyboard hard to type on because of it’s size and that is why I mostly use the Mac. If the tablet has a real keyboard then I’m probably not interested.

New iPhone in April?

Like many others, including TupeloGeek, I feel an April release of the new iPhone is a little early. But on the other hand, Apple may be wanting to get iPhone 4.0 out a little early too. Who knows what Apple has come up with in the new OS. Some are suggesting multi-tasking and a revamped user interface. I’m not one for change but if Apple thinks I need a new UI then I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.

App Reviews


This is my favorite way of getting my pictures up on the Web. I don’t upload every picture that I share on Facebook or Twitter but I do upload the best. If you’ll look on the right side of my page you can see the latest picture that I uploaded to Flickr.

Photoshop Mobile

I very seldom make any changes to my pictures but this is the app that I use when on the go. I don’t know what took them so long since I was using the mobile version on my Palm Treo about two years ago. This app will make modifying your pictures easy and add a little something different. Although not for the professional it works great.

That’s gonna do me for this week. Be sure to join me again next week for my take on Apple’s announcement.

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