Trucker Tuesday #11-Hours of Service

I know that some of my readers aren’t truckers and may not be familiar with the current hours of service regulations or may not even know that we have them. I did a Google search for them and found the regulations here.

Last Tuesday there was some buzz about the HOS and couldn’t help but have a few bad thoughts. First and foremost, we have a bunch of idiots that know nothing about the trucking industry or even what driving is all about telling us how to do our jobs. The so-called safety groups that what the feds to make rules that are so ridiculous need to find a real job and leave us alone.

Here are some of the proposals:

reduce total number of on-duty hours
electronic on board recorders
go back to the old 10 hours of driving rules
no split sleeper berth (which is the way it is now)
regulate shippers and receivers (that’s just funny)
regulate sleep disorders but not driver pay

I will be the first to admit that things need to change but until the public stops thinking that a driver and his company has deep pockets then they aren’t. We are out here trying to make a living and are being regulated to no end. How many times have you heard a medical student or doctors tell stories of having to work for 48 hours straight? I don’t guess they make mistakes.

Another example is a person can go down to the local RV center and start out on a trip in a brand new RV and drive for as long as he/she wants. What about a U-haul truck or even a car? Get in a drive as far as you like. Nobody will care until you go to sleep passing a truck and are killed when you go up under the trailer. It will be on the driver to prove that he had the right to be on the road in the first place.

I also saw on twitter that these “safety groups” won’t be satisfied until we have an eight hours work day. I don’t think they will be satisfied until we are all off the road and that way our roads will be safer without all these truckers.

I’m sure they’ll begin to wonder where all the food was coming from since shelves in the store will be bear. I really think some people think that the groceries just grow on the shelves.

I’ll get back down off my soap box now. Thanks for dropping by and if you have any opinions you’d like to share please do so in the comments. If you have a blog that deals with this issue or any issues please feel free to post a link to in in the comments too.

Special thanks to Jami Jones from Landline Magazine for keeping us up-to-date on the happenings in the hearing. I stole some of this information from her tweets.


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