Tech Talk Thursday #15-The New Apple iPad

I’m not going to bore you with all the new information about the new iPad and try to rehash all that is being said on the other blogs. I’m just going to tell you how I see it and how I felt about it.

I have a lot of different feeling about the Apple event yesterday. First, I was a little disappointed because there was no iLife ‘10, multi-tasking, or iPhone 4.0 announced. Although most of the rumors about the new tablet computer were true, the rumors about the other things turned up being just that.

Second, what kind of a name is iPad? Is that all Apple could come up with? Give me a break! Look how creative Macbook and iPod were and now just an iPad? I think the other names would have suited it better. I really liked iSlate, which is what the new gadget looks like. And the name iPad sounds so, you know, feminine. It’s Steve’s product and he can call it what he wants.

You’re probably thinking at this point that I don’t like the iPad. The couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, I love it and I haven’t even seen it except for the pictures. What do I like? Everything! I really like the fact that most iPhone apps will run on it.

I like the idea of the iBook app. That will give both the Kindle and Nook a run for their money if they aren’t dead already. If I was in the market for an eBook reader then I would wait for the iPad.

The iWork apps are another thing. Since I don’t have iWork on my Mac then I don’t feel like I am in a position to have an opinion but I do like the idea of being able to create things with out a computer.

The best thing about the new iPad has got the be the price. I couldn’t believe it. Something that look like that for only $499? The same price as the original iPhone? You have go to be kidding me! I also like the different flavors it is going to come it. Mainly, without 3G connectivity. I give AT&T enough of my money every month as it is. Besides, how long is 250MB going to last? I have used over 600MB of data on my iPhone since January 1 and that doesn’t count the data over WIFI.

There you have my comments about the big event. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out TupeloGeek’s blog with his comments and reaction too. Next week I’ll be touching on an app that is a web app and has an iPhone app. You don’t want to miss it.

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  1. warhoop63

    Wednesday, after the annoucement I heard a man being interviewed on NPR. By the host, and callers and questions via email. He was not a represenitive from Apple. He was a tech with a consulting company from the Silicon Valley area. I am not a technology expert by any means, and I did only here about the last 10 minutes of the show, roughly 5-7 questions. The overiding theme of the answers to questions asked about what iPad can do seemed to be “not yet” but had the necessary components, and or power to “perhaps” do so in the future. The thrust of the comments seemed to be that the iPad’s being open to app developers would allow it to expand into a more useable device as apps for it came into being. Like I said I’m not a tech guy and always have to do some “catching up” with new products. But that seems to be where iPads predominate usefulness will be. I suppose that is the nature of all new technology, to grow and develope after the initial introduction. I am also suprised at the price. I think it’s a good one. The question in the current economic situation will it do enough to justify the cost. I will be keeping up with the progress and reviews about iPad, I can see me with one down the road to carry on the truck a opposed to a full blown laptop. I’m waiting to see how it develops first though.

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