Childhood Memories #4-What Time?

Welcome to this months edition of Childhood Memories. In this edition, we will look at a funny story that I’ve told a few times over the years. I remember this almost like it was yesterday but some of the detail are a little foggy.

I don’t remember this time of year but I do know that it was warm weather because I had walked down to the neighbors house to use the phone (see note below). My family and I were living outside of Corinth and our neighbors Glidewells. I still remember their names but won’t list them here to protect their identities, although the daddy of the family is now deceased.

I had called my granddaddy, who was coming to get me and take me to his house. At the beginning of the conversation, he had told me that he would pick me up at 9:15. We then talked for a couple more minutes and then he told me that he would pick me up at a quarter after nine. I didn’t know why he had told me two different times.

I returned to the house and told me folks what Granddaddy had said and they started laughing. I didn’t know why. After they had finished laughing they told me that “9:15” and “quarter after nine” meant the same thing. I still didn’t understand. A quarter was twenty-five cents so a “quarter after nine” should be 9:25, right? They then explained to me why the times were the same and it made sense to me.

I remember many things that happened around that little house in the short time we were there. One thing was I turned nine years old and mowed the grass for the first time. We also lived there during the summer of 1980 and had to sleep in the living room with the rest of the house shut off because it was so hot that summer. I’ll have to save more for later.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again next month when I’ll share some of my memories about my Granddaddy Floyd.

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