Tech Talk Thursday #17-Reasons I Won’t Be Getting an iPad

Welcome to a new edition of Tech Talk Thursday. Again this week I am going in a different direction than previous weeks and I’m going to share with you reasons I won’t be getting an iPad.

1. It’s a giant iPhone without the phone

I already have an iPhone and really don’t need something that has a bigger screen and won’t run programs that I have for my Mac.

2. I need a new Macbook more

With the announcement that the iPad was coming I wrestled with the decision to get a new Macbook or a new iPad. I’m still using a Powerbook G4 and the battery won’t even stay charged on it long enough for me to disconnect it for more the a couple of minutes. It’s also over four years old and running Tiger.

3. I would never buy the first of any thing

I’ve never really been an early adopter of anything and if the same holds true for the iPad that was true with the iPhone, it will have problems and will have a lowering of price soon. Not the mention the next iPad will probably be out before Christmas 2010. I don’t have the latest iPhone but I still enjoy my 3G.

4. I’m not giving AT&T anymore of my money

I think this is the kicker for most people. They feel they are giving AT&T a lot of money and the are getting below acceptable service. (Personally, I like the service, but that’s another bog post). I give AT&T a small fortune every month and I’m not giving anymore. I tried to get out of my contract for my air card, that had less than a year left, and they wanted to charge me $100. It’s gone this coming July.

There you have them. Stay tuned for next week when I’ll share the reason I will be getting an iPad.

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