Trucker Tuesday #14-Going Through Customs

Sometimes things just don’t work out. This is the third Friday in the month and we are supposed to have a conversation with a driver. It won’t be happening this month. Neither of us was free when the other one was so we just couldn’t get together. That being said, I do have a story to share with you today. Enjoy!

I’ve been been out of the United States but I know a few people that have drove trucks out of here and back and this week I’d like to share a store that was told to me a long time ago.

Spanky was driving a furniture van and had been delivering up in Canada. He must have been having a good trip until he got back to customs but what happened there made his day. As he pulled up to the customs agent he said, “You got anything back there?” Spanky replied, “Nothing except some blankets.”

“Pull it over and let me take a look.”

Spanky pulled his rig over and got out to open his doors and when the agent looked inside he saw some blankets that looked like they had something under them. The agent looked surprised. The agent said something under his breath and jumped up in the trailer. He went to kick the blankets real hard and about the time that his toe made contact with the wheel well that is when he remembered the wheel well.

Spanky said, “I told you I didn’t have anything.”

The agent turned to Spanky and said, “Get the h*** out of here.”

I’ve included a picture of a furniture van so you can see what it looks like and understand what the agent kicked. Spanky had the blankets on top of the wheel well and the agent thought he was trying to hide something.

That’s going to do it for this week. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you back here next week.

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