Tech Talk Thursday #18-Reasons I Will Be Getting an iPad

Last week I shared with you reasons I wouldn’t be getting an iPad, so this week I’m going to give your reasons I will be getting one. Make sense?

1. Great blogging tool

Add the extended keyboard and the iPad will be a great blogging tool. Type out your post and publish them instantly. It won’t just be good for blogging but for any other type of writing with the right program, of course.

2. Bigger screen is always better

Have you ever tried watching the latest episode of Lost on that little iPhone screen? I have and it’s not a very good experience. It’s good for watching short clips but not full length tv shows or movies.

3. iWork

I don’t currently use iWork on the Mac because I mostly use Google documents. I don’t always have an Internet connection so with the $9.99 price tag for each of the iWork programs, I am so getting them.

4. That $499 price

If I wasn’t in the market for a new computer but wanted a new gadget, this price is just right for me. With all of the things that the iPad brings to the table along with no contract to sign, I think this is it’s strongest selling point.

I couldn’t come up with another reason to make it five like last week but I’m sure with enough thought could come up with 1000 reasons to get one. If you have reasons for yourself then please feel free to post in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next week.

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