Tech Talk Thursday #19-Shopping for a Mac

Last Friday Tish and I went to Memphis to do a little shopping and it was fun. This first stop on our trip was at the Apple Store in Germantown. This wasn’t the first time I’d ever been to the Apple store but this time was different. I was going there to buy a Mac and not just look around or buy a case for my iPhone. This wasn’t my first Mac computer either. It was going to be my third but only my second laptop.

When I walked in the door I was greeted by a girl and was asked if I needed any help. I told her I was just going to look around. As I was looking a lady approached me and asked if I needed any help again. This time I ask how long it would take to put some additional memory in a MacBook and she said, “It depends on how much work they have.” I asked her to see how long and she said, “Well, it can change in a short period of time.” I said, “Can you ask them how long if I bought it right now.” She went and got me an answer of less than 30 minutes. I was satisfied.

When I told her what I wanted she had to get another person, Blake. Blake was really nice and I told him what I wanted and asked about getting the $30 off iWork. He also told me about the other promotions they had going on. We ended up buy a wireless printer for about $41 after rebate. I turned down the off of MobileMe because just didn’t feel I’d use it.

After all was said and done, I walked out of there with a new MacBook with 4GB of memory but everything else just standard. Also got a sleeve to carry my new Mac in too.

The Big Box Company

Our next stop was Best Buy. Now let me tell you, I enjoyed my visit there but only because they had a room that had musical instruments in it. When I first walked in the first thing I remember seeing is the wireless phone area. Looking back toward the entrance and to the left was the “help desk”. The guy behind it had on a tie. What is this? The “geniuses” were all wearing blue t-shirts back at the Apple store.

The next thing that I noticed that I didn’t like was something that I heard. There was a young lady that was looking at computers and she must have asked about Apple computers. The guy “helping” her said, “This computer can do anything that an Apple can do except this one doesn’t have bluetooth.” Right after that he used another line I’ve heard a thousand times in Best Buy and Circuit City, “I’ve been thinking about buy one of these myself.” I know he wants to sell a computer but the salesman doesn’t just have to flat out lie about it.

I paid a visit to the musical instrument room too and found lots of guitars and there was even an acoustic room. I went in there and played a few of the guitars they had in there. Had fun.

That’s going to do me for this weeks edition of Tech Talk Thursday. Hope you enjoyed reading my story about my shopping. It was just shopping it was an experience.

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