I’m Just Saying… #1

The third commandment in Exodus 20:7 says, “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain..” There has been some discussing about this among my Facebook friends recently and I thought I would share my thoughts too.

In the discussions, one person pointed out that when they wrote OMG they meant “Oh my gosh.” I looked up in the dictionary what the word gosh meant and it says that it is an euphemistic alternative of God. Well, that really cleared things up for me. I don’t know what euphemistic means. I looked that up too.

Basically what I found out was that it is just a mild way to say another word so as not to offend. So it really doesn’t matter if you meant God or gosh it is the same thing.

I’m just saying….


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4 responses to “I’m Just Saying… #1

  1. Janie Roberts

    Jeremey, just so your friends who read your blogs know, I am the friend that brought up “taking God’s name in vain”. I think that people have lost respect for God and have lost respect for others. I think as a Americans, that people have the right to speak their mind, but as Christians we have a duty to others in what we say. I will share my views about politics, life, and religion, but I try very hard not to insult or offend people. Anything that is written in the Bible, in my view, shouldn’t offend anyone….Sharing God’s Word isn’t an opinion…it’s fact. God made it very clear He doesn’t want people to take His name in vain, and when people do that…they really are not keeping with His Word, nor regarding his wishes. They are also not too concerned with others and their feelings. All I wanted is for my Fb friends to realize in what they are saying and that they not offend God and my friends? Someone needed to say what I said on FB,…Not one bit sorry that I say it. Love to you, Jeremy, my Christian Brother, in what you do. My prayers will be with you as you share His Word.

  2. Mert

    OMG = oh my goodness

    • If you look goodness up in the dictionary too and it is also an euphemism for God just like gosh. Same thing. I believe we just say those words instead of God because we think it sounds better.

  3. Janie Roberts

    omg does not equal oh my gosh. We all know what it equals. Perhaps, when one says omg, they are saying gosh, but people don’t think they are referring to that. Don’t we have, as Christians, the obligation as witnesses for God to consider that? Doesn’t God deserve our upmost respect? It offends me when someone says it. Don’t we have the responsibility to take people’s feelings into consideration?

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