Childhood Memories #5-Granddaddy Floyd

March 10 would have marked the 85th birthday of my mother’s dad. He was Bro Earl Floyd. He was the first pastor that I knew. I was born while he was pastoring Tiplersville Baptist Church. It was a small church but everybody loved everybody else. After leaving there is went to Alcorn County and pastored another church for four years. He felt God was moving him on so after that he, my grandmother, and my family returned to Tiplersville. He wasn’t the pastor but was called to another church after about a year.

I could go on and on and tell you where he went and what he did but I won’t. Granddaddy left this earthly life on June 13, 2004, and like Nanny’s death, was a difficult time for me. That day was a Sunday and on Saturday, instead of going to buy groceries with the wife, I decided to go and see Granddaddy and took my little boy along with me. He hadn’t gotten up out of the bed that day and didn’t say anything that I could understand. Little did I know that this was the last time that I would get to see him.

Before we left, he stretched out his hand for me to hold. I took his hand in mine and prayed for him. Maybe he was praying too…I don’t know. I do know that he had prayed for me many times throughout the years and it helped me many times too.

I know that wasn’t a childhood memory but that is the thing that will stick with me for the rest of my life. In his eyes I was still that little boy and he wasn’t going to let me grow up. I think of him often and still miss him so much at times.

I don’t think he ever met anyone that he didn’t like. He might have had a few that didn’t like him because when he got up to preach the Word he would back down from the truth.

If you knew my granddaddy and would like to leave a comment or story please feel from to do so. I would really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by this month and I’ll share another memory next month.

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One response to “Childhood Memories #5-Granddaddy Floyd

  1. Carolyn Moore

    Thank you Lord for our Memories. They are sometimes what sustains us after our Precious ones are gone.
    Bro. Floyd will always hold a special place in my heart. He truly was a good person and you should be honored to call him “Grandaddy”.

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