Tech Talk Thursday #22-All Over the Place

The iPad is almost here and I’m still enjoying my new MacBook and I’m not getting any new toys for a long time. That doesn’t keep me from keeping up with all the buzz that is going on around the tech industry and listening to all the rumors. I just love technology. I always have and probably always will. I can’t help myself.

My first computer was an old laptop that didn’t even have a hard drive. All it had was one of those 3-1/2 inch floppy drives with an amber and black screen. The next computer was one that ran Windows 95 and an had a 25Mhz 486sx processor. I’m glad things have changed over the last fifteen years. I really did wear both of those computers out but sold the laptop as a ham radio packet computer.

Although I’m haven’t been an active ham in a long time I still have a couple of hand-held radios that just sit there and do nothing. My favorite part of ham radio back in the day was packet radio. Back then you hooked up a radio modem (TNC) to your computer and could connect to another ham radio computer and talk in real time. What was even better was that we could send and receive “email” across the network too. We had an address and just like email of the Internet, you could tell what stations had handled that piece of mail and trace it back to the beginning.

Sometimes I miss those days and all the fun things I could do but I’ve just lost interest and have moved on to the Internet. Looking around the App Store you can find several ham radio related apps that are mostly about tracking satellites or taking the exam to become a ham radio operator. If you’d like more info on becoming a ham op then just click here. See you next week.


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2 responses to “Tech Talk Thursday #22-All Over the Place

  1. Funny, my first computer was a TRS 80 from Radio Shack- no mouse, BASIC command driven. haha

    • I remember those TRS-80s. We had them at our vo-tech and they were good computers back then. We had the Apple IIe at our high school. I’m glad those days of DOS are over. I’m also glad the days of Windows are over for me too. Love my MacBook.

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