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Tech Talk Thursday #27

Today’s post is going to be a little bit out of the ordinary but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I really didn’t know what to call my list but for now I’m going to call it “How to get me to follow you on Twitter”.

1) Have something interesting to say.

The first rule for getting me to follow you is have something interesting to say and not just what you are eating for lunch and who you are sharing it with. I’d like to know where you are eating and how the service is. Is the food good? Also, giving me helpful information is really good too. I like all kinds of news so it doesn’t matter what kind of news you tweet about.

2) Have a picture on your profile

If you don’t have a profile picture, I probably won’t follow you. Along with this, you should have a brief bio of yourself too. It doesn’t have to be long just enough information so I’ll know if you might can help me learn something new.

It do have more things that I consider but those are the two main things for me. The reasons that you would follow someone may be a lot different.

Fox New App

Fox News is my main source for news but not my only. This app has been a long time coming and the best thing about it is the price: FREE! Since this app just came out I don’t know all the details but I do know that I like the way the news in presented and also the fact that you can listen to Fox New Radio anytime. You could listen to it in Safari but I found that is wasn’t very good and it didn’t have a schedule with it.

If you like news then this is the app to get. Unless, of course, you just don’t like Fox News and think they are biased towards the Republicans.

That’s going to do me for this week. Thanks for dropping in and hope you will join me next week when I share with you reason I will unfollow you on Twitter.


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I’m Just Saying…#3

I just had to share this with all of you because I thought it was so funny. It comes to me from my friend KatDaddy. The other day while he was talking to his wife she was saying something about the host of the Today show on NBC. She said that she hated the way that while they were interviewing someone they would interrupt the person and try to answer the question themselves.

The segment was about a lawyer that wanted to go out into the ocean and take a swim with the dolphins. While out there the lawyer was killed by some sharks and they were doing an interview on the Today show.

KatDaddy asked his wife, “Were they interviewing in person or over the tv?”

She replied, “Oh, they were just interviewing the owner of the boat. They didn’t interview the dead guy.”

I’m just saying…

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Trucker Tuesday #23-Two App Reviews

Welcome to another edition of Trucker Tuesday. This week I’m going to do something a little different than normal but then again what is normal for my blog anyway? I normally do iPhone app reviews on Tech Talk Thursday but the apps we are going to look at today are for truckers.


When you first start this app you have to enter your name, co-driver’s name and your company’s name. You are then presented with a screen with four icons. The meaning of the icons are nowhere to be found but a couple of them you can easily figure out. Once you start driving you press the truck icon it finds you and starts your driving time. When you stop you press the icons that have the two arrows going in circles and it takes you off-duty. The man in the bed is obviously for the sleeper and the last icon is for on-duty not driving.

The is probably one of my least favorite iPhone apps because you can’t edit or delete any of the information once you have it in the app.

Pilot Travel Centers

This is a great app especially if you frequent Pilot truck stops. You simply just start the app and it determines where you are and then displays a map with the location of the Pilot’s in the surrounding area. You can set the distance that you want to see too.

I keep this app on my phone all the time because I like going to Pilot for their coffee. They have the best Columbian coffee out there and I stop in every time I get a chance. This app beats trying to find one on the Google Maps app that already comes on the iPhone. Now I just wish the other big truck stops would come out with an app of their own. Or better yet, maybe someone can write an app with just truck stops. Make it like FourSquare or Whrrl and let the info be user input and have a rating with some info (i.e. kind of restaurant and condition of restrooms).

Hope you will check out these apps if you have an iPhone and leave a comment of how well you did or didn’t like them. Thanks for stopping and will see you again next week. You don’t want to miss next weeks edition even if you don’t drive a truck.

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Tech Talk Thursday #26

What a week this has been!!! First, Gizmodo claims to have a prototype of the 4th gen iPhone and then Apple announces that it has broken it’s profit record in a non-holiday quarter.


I love to take pictures but I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a photography app. I got this one this past week and it is really good. It saves the time of using a desktop app to “stitch” pictures together to make a panoramic view picture.

This is a simple little app that lets you take to picture then move to the right and gives you a guide to line up for the next one and the next and so on. After you are finished you just touch the check mark and the app merges your pictures together to make a great looking panorama picture. It couldn’t be any more simple.

The normal price for this app is $2.99 but it’s currently on sale for 99 cents in the App Store.

Mariner MacJournal

Here is an app that I love! I’ve been using MacJournal since I got my first Mac back in 2005 and have recently upgraded to the current version. The desktop version is great. I had been waiting on an iPhone version for a long time because all of the other blogging apps and journal apps weren’t what I was looking for.

The iPhone version finally arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it and it works almost as good as the desktop version. I haven’t lost anything in it yet but have typed one blog post on it and it posted just fine. The thing that I don’t like about it is that you can give your post a category, yet.

With the desktop version it will ask you what categories you would like to post it in and you can check them off but the iPhone app doesn’t do this. I have decided to just keep on posting to the blog (if I have to do it on the iPhone) with the WordPress app.

For the most part, the $4.99 price is good for the mobile version of MacJournal and the $39.95 price is really a bargain for the desktop version. If you got the recent MacHeist nanoBundle then MacJournal was included.

That’s going to do me this week again. Be sure to come back next week when I think I’m going to do something a little out of the ordinary.

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I’m Just Saying… #2

This post for sure will not get me any friends. I’m not trying to be rude or anything but I think you need to realize my point here. There isn’t enough room on Facebook to write all of this and this is where I post information that I want people to read. This is my blog and I can say whatever I want on it.

After seeing this I think I might have to start a semi-monthly edition of things I see going around my Facebook friends. This isn’t a hoax because I have personally checked it out and found that most of the information this site has on me is wrong.

I saw where some of my friends were wondering how they got this info in the first place. Let’s be honest here. How many times have you put your name, address, email address, phone number or other personal information into a website? Probably quite a few times. Second, how many times did you read to Terms of Service associated with that website? Probably no even one time because they are too long and full of legalize. That is the problem right there and that is probably how they got that information they are displaying on

Another thing you need to remember is that a lot of your information is available on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. I know I am a member of at the very least three such sites. A lot of your viewable publicly and these websites harvest your info like that.

One more thing and I’ll be done. I also noticed that a couple of my friends had sent emails to this to get their info removed. I don’t know if that was a very good move or not because they may want you to do that so they can add a valid email address to their huge database.

Just my thoughts and I’m just saying…

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Trucker Tuesday #22-Back from Vacation

Finally got back on the road yesterday and going to be delivering in Michigan for most of the day. Michigan is not my favorite state to be in but it was a good run so that is what I got.

I really didn’t have anything that I wanted to write about for today’s post but as I was driving up I-75 in Ohio I did notice something that just rubs me the wrong way. As I was coming into a construction zone I could see another big truck out in the hammer lane and it was like he just couldn’t be going fast enough. After I got into the construction zone, the big truck started around me. I was going 55, which was the posted speed limit, and the dude just passed me like I was sitting still. I don’t understand why truckers, who want to be called professionals, would do this. It’s one thing to be going 2 or 3 mph over the limit but to just no pay any attention to the signs is just stupid.

I do like the fact that Ohio raised their speed limit last summer but I also knew that there was going to be many that really didn’t care what the speed limit was they aren’t going to follow it. I’ve seen the same thing many times in Illinois and California where truckers didn’t care. I’m sure that is cost some of them.

I’m not saying that I don’t ever exceed the speed limit but when it comes to a construction zone I do slow down to the posted limit and most of the time am running below the limit. We ought to look at it as if it was our family that was working in that zone and not just some stranger because the ones that are working there have someone at home that loves them.

Guess I’ll get off my soap box now and call it a day. Have a great week and will see you again here next week. Happy trucking!!!

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Tech Talk Thursday #25-April Fools Joke

I know it’s been almost two weeks since the release of the iPad but this is the first chance that I’ve had to write about it. I did get my hands on one this past Monday at the Best Buy in Jackson, TN, and i think it is SWEET!

While talking with the salesperson I found that this store got only 15 units and was sold out in forty minutes. He said they handed out tickets for those units. The most surprising thing that I found out was that all of the iPads didn’t show up til 9:00 am that morning and they only had one to demo (they had three on display plus the salesperson had one when I was there) and the store opened at 10:00 am.

How did I like it? I did log into Facebook and watched part of a video that was on it and I really like it. It isn’t a laptop replacement but it found that is was easy to type on with that big keyboard. I, like many others, believe that the iPad is really just a device to consume content with.

April Fool’s Day

Now to explain the title of this week’s post. On April 1st I posted on Twitter and Facebook that FedEx had just delivered my new iPad two days early. I didn’t get a few responses wanting me to let them know how I like it. I even had one person wanting me to bring it to church. I just thought it was funny and couldn’t resist.

As you probably know, Apple doesn’t work like that and I wasn’t getting an iPad anyway.

That’s going to do me for this week. Thanks for stopping and I’ll see you again next week.

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