Tech Talk Thursday #23

Welcome to this weeks edition of Triple T. I did take a week off but if you read my Trucker Tuesday you will know why I am back and will continue to do this post.


2Do is probably one of my favorite productivity applications that I have on my iPhone. It has come a long way since I first bought it a few months ago. You can schedule to do things and plan things projects for future dates. Now if this was all this app could do it would still be worth the $6.99 that you have to give for it.

The thing that sets this app apart from most of the other To Do apps is that this app will send you and email or a push notification at a set time. You can also backup you data and sync with iCal.

Are you getting an iPad?

The long awaited iPad is coming this Saturday and I know they sold a lot of them but I’m not getting one because of my new MacBook. I know it’s going to be everything that Apple says it’s going to be and much more. I have a feeling that Apple my have a few things up it’s sleeve but we’ll have to see.

That’s gonna do me for this week. Hope you have a great week and will see you again next week.

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  1. I will probably get an iPad toward the end of summer. I read quite a few books and it is going to save me time and space in the long run.

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