Tech Talk Thursday #24-iPhone OS 4.0 is Coming

I’m sure you have already read all of the new features that are going to be released in iPhone OS 4.0, so I will not bother with listing them all here. I’m just going to share a few thoughts about what I’m excited about in what’s coming.

The biggest thing for me is Folders. I know everybody was looking for Multitasking but that is a big thing for me but not the biggest. Why Folders? Mainly because I try to organize my applications on different screens and group them together by type. The most used apps are always on the home screen but I have some apps that I use almost daily that are on the fourth or fifth screen and it is a hassle sometimes to get to them. Folders will make organizing even better.

Now onto Multitasking. This will be a feature that I won’t get at first because I have a 3G and it isn’t going to be supported. That’s alright because I am about ready for an upgrade anyway. I would like to be able to run Pandora in the background and surf at the same time. There are going to be many uses for this and is something we have been asking for for a long time.

Unified Inboxes are another thing we have been wanting to see for a long time too. Since I have more than one email address and use them all for different things it will be nice to be able to get them all in one place instead of having to switch boxes.

Those are really the only things that excite me about the new OS. I’m not much into what the background picture looks like and I probably won’t be reading any books on my iPhone. The Game Center doesn’t excite me either because I’m just not that much of a gamer.

One other thing that I’m excited about is the bluetooth keyboard compatibility. I’ve been holding off on buy a bluetooth keyboard just to see if iPhone OS 4.0 brought this with it and it did. Now I can use my iPhone to actually sit down and write and not have to worry about that little keyboard (that I do like but not for very long).

One thing that I think is missing now is the ability to print from the iPhone. Since I don’t store documents on my device, but I do have Dropbox, this would be a nice feature but we will probably have to wait til 4.1 or 5.0.

That’s gonna do it for me this week. Sorry I was a whole day late. I really wanted to get this posted last evening but my schedule didn’t allow me to do that so I had to hold off. I would like to hear about what you are excited about in the new OS so please share in the comments section. Thanks for stopping.

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