Tech Talk Thursday #25-April Fools Joke

I know it’s been almost two weeks since the release of the iPad but this is the first chance that I’ve had to write about it. I did get my hands on one this past Monday at the Best Buy in Jackson, TN, and i think it is SWEET!

While talking with the salesperson I found that this store got only 15 units and was sold out in forty minutes. He said they handed out tickets for those units. The most surprising thing that I found out was that all of the iPads didn’t show up til 9:00 am that morning and they only had one to demo (they had three on display plus the salesperson had one when I was there) and the store opened at 10:00 am.

How did I like it? I did log into Facebook and watched part of a video that was on it and I really like it. It isn’t a laptop replacement but it found that is was easy to type on with that big keyboard. I, like many others, believe that the iPad is really just a device to consume content with.

April Fool’s Day

Now to explain the title of this week’s post. On April 1st I posted on Twitter and Facebook that FedEx had just delivered my new iPad two days early. I didn’t get a few responses wanting me to let them know how I like it. I even had one person wanting me to bring it to church. I just thought it was funny and couldn’t resist.

As you probably know, Apple doesn’t work like that and I wasn’t getting an iPad anyway.

That’s going to do me for this week. Thanks for stopping and I’ll see you again next week.

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