Trucker Tuesday #22-Back from Vacation

Finally got back on the road yesterday and going to be delivering in Michigan for most of the day. Michigan is not my favorite state to be in but it was a good run so that is what I got.

I really didn’t have anything that I wanted to write about for today’s post but as I was driving up I-75 in Ohio I did notice something that just rubs me the wrong way. As I was coming into a construction zone I could see another big truck out in the hammer lane and it was like he just couldn’t be going fast enough. After I got into the construction zone, the big truck started around me. I was going 55, which was the posted speed limit, and the dude just passed me like I was sitting still. I don’t understand why truckers, who want to be called professionals, would do this. It’s one thing to be going 2 or 3 mph over the limit but to just no pay any attention to the signs is just stupid.

I do like the fact that Ohio raised their speed limit last summer but I also knew that there was going to be many that really didn’t care what the speed limit was they aren’t going to follow it. I’ve seen the same thing many times in Illinois and California where truckers didn’t care. I’m sure that is cost some of them.

I’m not saying that I don’t ever exceed the speed limit but when it comes to a construction zone I do slow down to the posted limit and most of the time am running below the limit. We ought to look at it as if it was our family that was working in that zone and not just some stranger because the ones that are working there have someone at home that loves them.

Guess I’ll get off my soap box now and call it a day. Have a great week and will see you again here next week. Happy trucking!!!


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