Trucker Tuesday #23-Two App Reviews

Welcome to another edition of Trucker Tuesday. This week I’m going to do something a little different than normal but then again what is normal for my blog anyway? I normally do iPhone app reviews on Tech Talk Thursday but the apps we are going to look at today are for truckers.


When you first start this app you have to enter your name, co-driver’s name and your company’s name. You are then presented with a screen with four icons. The meaning of the icons are nowhere to be found but a couple of them you can easily figure out. Once you start driving you press the truck icon it finds you and starts your driving time. When you stop you press the icons that have the two arrows going in circles and it takes you off-duty. The man in the bed is obviously for the sleeper and the last icon is for on-duty not driving.

The is probably one of my least favorite iPhone apps because you can’t edit or delete any of the information once you have it in the app.

Pilot Travel Centers

This is a great app especially if you frequent Pilot truck stops. You simply just start the app and it determines where you are and then displays a map with the location of the Pilot’s in the surrounding area. You can set the distance that you want to see too.

I keep this app on my phone all the time because I like going to Pilot for their coffee. They have the best Columbian coffee out there and I stop in every time I get a chance. This app beats trying to find one on the Google Maps app that already comes on the iPhone. Now I just wish the other big truck stops would come out with an app of their own. Or better yet, maybe someone can write an app with just truck stops. Make it like FourSquare or Whrrl and let the info be user input and have a rating with some info (i.e. kind of restaurant and condition of restrooms).

Hope you will check out these apps if you have an iPhone and leave a comment of how well you did or didn’t like them. Thanks for stopping and will see you again next week. You don’t want to miss next weeks edition even if you don’t drive a truck.

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