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Trucker Tuesday #25

Welcome to a brand new edition of Trucker Tuesday. I took the week off last week to focus on some other areas of my life and now that it is all done, I’m back.

I was going to write about an incident that happened to me a few years ago but decided to wait until next week to share that because I have a complaint. Since I have been with my current company, I have fueled and showered at many Pilot Travel Centers. The reason is because they take ComData cards and for the most part that is my second favorite for taking a shower but my favorite coffee is also sold there. Love’s my favorite showering place.

Onto my big complaint: STOP TRYING TO SELL ME STUFF I DON’T WANT!!! I already know that your king size candy bars are 2/$2.50 (this time last year they were 2/$2). I know I can get a bottle of water for 49 cents because I bought coffee. It’s like Pilot has bought up all of this stuff and is now trying to get rid of it. They have fliers stuck up all over the place telling me what this months specials are. The Subways are the same way.

“Do you want double meat?”


“Do you want double cheese?”


“Would like three cookies for $1.29?”


At this point I’m irritated and ready to leave and I don’t even want to tell you to have a nice day.

Am I the only one that has noticed this? Don’t get me wrong. I like Pilot but mainly go in there for the coffee. They seldom have enough cashiers behind the counter and when they do they aren’t waiting on people. I’ve seen three and four people behind the counter before and they will only have one register open. I just don’t understand.

Guess I’ll get off my soap box now and will tell you that I will be sharing with you next week a story about the time I had to call 911. Have a great week!


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Mother’s Day 2010

I asked my wife to write today’s post because tomorrow will be her first Mother’s Day. I know that it is something special to be a dad but being a mother is something only a mother can tell you about. Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day and her is what Tish wrote:

I was really surprised when my husband asked me to write something for his blog for Mother’s Day. You see, this is actually my very first Mother’s Day as a mother and I am 38 years old. I don’t know if I can explain how blessed and happy I feel to be the mother of our sweet baby girl but I will give it my best shot.

When I hit my thirties I gave up on becoming a mother. For years I prayed and I begged for God to intervene and give me the baby I wanted so much. In hindsight, waiting for God’s time was really the best way to go. He truly did know best. He blessed me with a good husband and a precious baby girl in a very short time. I still can’t forget the heartbreak every year when Mother’s Day came and went. Last year I was expecting and the tears were happy tears for the first time ever.

Every woman doesn’t aspire to be a Mommy, but for those who do, there is nothing greater this side of Heaven than giving birth to a love that you never imagined could be so awesome. In the delivery room, when my nurse confirmed it was a girl, I thanked God. I then listened for her cry. I called out her name over and over until I heard it. It was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard in my life, my baby girl’s voice. I cried. In fact, I’m teary eyed now just remembering. They brought her over and let me see her and I could barely breathe. She was so beautiful to me.

I believe you can have that love even if you don’t physically give birth. God is love, and He creates that bond. Now that I know this side of the mother and child love bond, when I think of the fact that God loves us so much more than even that I am amazed and honored to be His child.

Even though this is my first Mother’s Day and I plan to be all caught up in that fact all day, I still want to honor all the mommies out there who haven’t quite reached the goal yet. The way you love every child you come in contact with is a gift. There are children out there who may only know that kind of love because you are able to give it without prejudice. Keep praying for those children and for your own. Your time will come in God’s time just like mine did.

I also want to honor my mother, who is always on my side even when I’m wrong. The road for us has sometimes been rocky. Never underestimate the love of a mother. She has always pulled me through. We are closer now than ever. I lost my second mother last year, Aunt Liz. She was the one who got us through the rocky stuff. As single moms they kind of tag teamed us girls and gave us everything we needed. Thanks to both of you for teaching us the value of motherhood. I pray that I can teach my baby girl how wonderful it is to be a Mommy.

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Tech Talk Thursday #28

Last week I told you I was going to share with you reasons that I would unfollow you on Twitter, but first I want to look at and update to one of the apps that I reviewed in the past. As you may recall, I review the Hootsuite app and website and really liked it. I still like them and use them often but since that review the Hootsuite app has been updated to include Facebook. You could only update your Twitter status from the application but now you can update your Facebook status. You can still schedule updates and you don’t have to update both at the same time or even with the same thing. The price has gone up to $2.99 but still well worth it.

Reasons I Will Will Not Follow You When You Follow Me or Will Unfollow You on Twitter

1) You tweet in ALL CAPS

There may be times when you feel like typing in all caps (for some unknown reason) but then you don’t do it again for a long time. Someone tweeting in all caps is very annoying to me and it is hard to read. If you follow me and I look at your timeline and you have a lot of tweets in all caps then I won’t be following you back.

2) Following a lot more than you are followed

I know this is up for debate but this is a reason will unfollow you. If you start to follow many more people than are following you then I will unfollow. If people aren’t following you but you are following a bunch then you probably don’t have anything of interest to say except for what you had for dinner that night and how bad the heartburn is.

3) You tweet more the a couple of times at once

If you tweet a bunch of times in a row about something that may or may not be of value the I will probably unfollow you. If you need more than 140 characters to get your point across then you probably need to start a blog.

4) You don’t tweet

If it’s been more than 90 days since you last tweeted then you need to get active again and start tweeting. I like reading tweets but if you are contributing then I’m going to unfollow.

These are a few of the reasons but aren’t all inclusive. I’m sure these are all up for debate but these are my reasons and even if you do some of them I will still follow you because you are interesting.

Thanks for stopping by this week. Sorry for the late time but sometimes it can’t be helped. See you again next week.

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Trucker Tuesday #24-Paying it Forward

Welcome to another edition of Trucker Tuesday. As I said last week, this is one that you aren’t going to want to miss. You may recall back before Christmas when I wrote about someone that had paid for my supper one time. This is the same kind of story but different because I got to be the giver this time. I’m not telling this to brag or pat myself on the back but to tell you that there are people out there that need help and will talk any help that you offer them.

A few months after Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of Mississippi, Yoyo and I pulled into the Waffle House in Gulfport, MS. We were going to be delivering at the port that morning and we had to wait. We decided to stop there and grab some food. I woke Yoyo up and was waiting on him to get up and get his clothes on when I saw a couple (man and woman) approaching the truck.

Now I normally don’t give money to people because I usually only carry enough money to do me for the week. The guy came up to the side of the truck and I rolled my window down a couple of inches to hear what he had to say. The woman stood in front of the truck. When the guy said, “Me and my woman haven’t had anything to eat in two days,” I knew that I had to help. I told him to wait a few minutes while my partner got up and got around and we’d take them into the Waffle House and get them something to eat. Most of the time when you offer this to someone they will refuse it but this time was different. This couple was serious.

After Yoyo had gotten up, we started to go inside with the couple and met a couple other drivers coming out that worked for the same company as we did. We told the couple to go ahead and go in and order what they wanted and we’d take care of it. I went inside and told the waitress that they could order anything they wanted and we’d take care of it. She said, “OK.”

We chatted with the other drivers for a while and then went in to eat. The couple sat on the other side of the restaurant and after they had finished eating they came over to talk to us for a few minutes. The story he told was that he had been working for someone and that the guy had ran off after the job was done and that was how he had ended up with no money.

I don’t know what they ate but do know that the man told me, “I drank two glasses of milk and that was the best milk I’ve ever drank.”

After Yoyo and I finished with our meal we were paying for both and wanted to tip the waitress but she wouldn’t let me. I think the couple had told he what was going on too and she would except a tip.

There are lots of hurting people out there and this was just one time that Yoyo and I got the chance to give back from what we have and we were able to help a couple of people. Every time I go through Gulfport I always wonder what happened to that couple.

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