Tech Talk Thursday #28

Last week I told you I was going to share with you reasons that I would unfollow you on Twitter, but first I want to look at and update to one of the apps that I reviewed in the past. As you may recall, I review the Hootsuite app and website and really liked it. I still like them and use them often but since that review the Hootsuite app has been updated to include Facebook. You could only update your Twitter status from the application but now you can update your Facebook status. You can still schedule updates and you don’t have to update both at the same time or even with the same thing. The price has gone up to $2.99 but still well worth it.

Reasons I Will Will Not Follow You When You Follow Me or Will Unfollow You on Twitter

1) You tweet in ALL CAPS

There may be times when you feel like typing in all caps (for some unknown reason) but then you don’t do it again for a long time. Someone tweeting in all caps is very annoying to me and it is hard to read. If you follow me and I look at your timeline and you have a lot of tweets in all caps then I won’t be following you back.

2) Following a lot more than you are followed

I know this is up for debate but this is a reason will unfollow you. If you start to follow many more people than are following you then I will unfollow. If people aren’t following you but you are following a bunch then you probably don’t have anything of interest to say except for what you had for dinner that night and how bad the heartburn is.

3) You tweet more the a couple of times at once

If you tweet a bunch of times in a row about something that may or may not be of value the I will probably unfollow you. If you need more than 140 characters to get your point across then you probably need to start a blog.

4) You don’t tweet

If it’s been more than 90 days since you last tweeted then you need to get active again and start tweeting. I like reading tweets but if you are contributing then I’m going to unfollow.

These are a few of the reasons but aren’t all inclusive. I’m sure these are all up for debate but these are my reasons and even if you do some of them I will still follow you because you are interesting.

Thanks for stopping by this week. Sorry for the late time but sometimes it can’t be helped. See you again next week.

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