Mother’s Day 2010

I asked my wife to write today’s post because tomorrow will be her first Mother’s Day. I know that it is something special to be a dad but being a mother is something only a mother can tell you about. Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day and her is what Tish wrote:

I was really surprised when my husband asked me to write something for his blog for Mother’s Day. You see, this is actually my very first Mother’s Day as a mother and I am 38 years old. I don’t know if I can explain how blessed and happy I feel to be the mother of our sweet baby girl but I will give it my best shot.

When I hit my thirties I gave up on becoming a mother. For years I prayed and I begged for God to intervene and give me the baby I wanted so much. In hindsight, waiting for God’s time was really the best way to go. He truly did know best. He blessed me with a good husband and a precious baby girl in a very short time. I still can’t forget the heartbreak every year when Mother’s Day came and went. Last year I was expecting and the tears were happy tears for the first time ever.

Every woman doesn’t aspire to be a Mommy, but for those who do, there is nothing greater this side of Heaven than giving birth to a love that you never imagined could be so awesome. In the delivery room, when my nurse confirmed it was a girl, I thanked God. I then listened for her cry. I called out her name over and over until I heard it. It was the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard in my life, my baby girl’s voice. I cried. In fact, I’m teary eyed now just remembering. They brought her over and let me see her and I could barely breathe. She was so beautiful to me.

I believe you can have that love even if you don’t physically give birth. God is love, and He creates that bond. Now that I know this side of the mother and child love bond, when I think of the fact that God loves us so much more than even that I am amazed and honored to be His child.

Even though this is my first Mother’s Day and I plan to be all caught up in that fact all day, I still want to honor all the mommies out there who haven’t quite reached the goal yet. The way you love every child you come in contact with is a gift. There are children out there who may only know that kind of love because you are able to give it without prejudice. Keep praying for those children and for your own. Your time will come in God’s time just like mine did.

I also want to honor my mother, who is always on my side even when I’m wrong. The road for us has sometimes been rocky. Never underestimate the love of a mother. She has always pulled me through. We are closer now than ever. I lost my second mother last year, Aunt Liz. She was the one who got us through the rocky stuff. As single moms they kind of tag teamed us girls and gave us everything we needed. Thanks to both of you for teaching us the value of motherhood. I pray that I can teach my baby girl how wonderful it is to be a Mommy.

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