Trucker Tuesday #25

Welcome to a brand new edition of Trucker Tuesday. I took the week off last week to focus on some other areas of my life and now that it is all done, I’m back.

I was going to write about an incident that happened to me a few years ago but decided to wait until next week to share that because I have a complaint. Since I have been with my current company, I have fueled and showered at many Pilot Travel Centers. The reason is because they take ComData cards and for the most part that is my second favorite for taking a shower but my favorite coffee is also sold there. Love’s my favorite showering place.

Onto my big complaint: STOP TRYING TO SELL ME STUFF I DON’T WANT!!! I already know that your king size candy bars are 2/$2.50 (this time last year they were 2/$2). I know I can get a bottle of water for 49 cents because I bought coffee. It’s like Pilot has bought up all of this stuff and is now trying to get rid of it. They have fliers stuck up all over the place telling me what this months specials are. The Subways are the same way.

“Do you want double meat?”


“Do you want double cheese?”


“Would like three cookies for $1.29?”


At this point I’m irritated and ready to leave and I don’t even want to tell you to have a nice day.

Am I the only one that has noticed this? Don’t get me wrong. I like Pilot but mainly go in there for the coffee. They seldom have enough cashiers behind the counter and when they do they aren’t waiting on people. I’ve seen three and four people behind the counter before and they will only have one register open. I just don’t understand.

Guess I’ll get off my soap box now and will tell you that I will be sharing with you next week a story about the time I had to call 911. Have a great week!

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