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Childhood Memories #6-Bro Don

This is a memory that I’ll never forget. It has a lot to do with one of my former pastors at North Ripley Baptist Church in Ripley, MS. Bro Don was a great Christian man and I learned a lot from his teaching, preaching, and leadership. The guy that you saw at church was the guy that you saw at his house and out around town. He was the same no matter where he was at.

I remember one summer while going to NRBC that the youth had a big car wash to help us raise some money for a trip to Opryland in Nashville, TN. Bro Don would let us “charge” anything but if the person wanted to make a donation to our youth group then that was alright. While some were washing cars some of us was washing the old bus that had been parked out under the trees for some time. It was nasty to say the least. We got on top of that bus and washed every square inch of it.

The Trip

We started out on our trip early one Saturday morning and got up into Tennessee and broke down. We did make it to store where we could get something to eat and drink. The mechanic at the shop looked at our bus and we needed a part for it. Bro Don went with him to get the part and even after that we still ended up having to get another church from our home area to come and get us with their bus.


A couple of Wednesdays after the trip during youth church Bro Don shared with us that the man working on our bus wasn’t saved and he had the chance to share Jesus with him while riding with him to the parts store.

That was the kind of man Bro Don was. If that was the reason the bus broke down and we sat there at that store all day waiting on it to get fixed and that man got saved then it was worth it.

I don’t know if Bro Don knew it or not but I have kept a lot of the things that he said with me for years and sometimes I even pass them on to other people those little stories or just an illustration explaining something that I just could get my mind around. Bro Don was good at breaking the Bread so it was easy to understand even for the youngest of children.

Bro Don passed away back in December 2000 but his memory still lives in me and many other folks that knew him.


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