Tech Talk Thursday #29

I can’t believe that it has been over two months since my last post. And the bad thing about it is that a lot has happened since that last post. The new iPhone was announced and has be released in that time.

Speaking of iPhone…I have received my iPhone 4 but as of this writing I still don’t have it out of the box. It is at the house and I just haven’t made it home to get it activated but will let you know next week how the activation went and what my first impression is of it.

TuneIn Radio

Today’s review is going to be about the TuneIn Radio app. I have review other audio apps here before but this is my favorite and it has a price of only $1.99. This app is full of local radio stations and you can search for shows, songs, and stations. What I really like about this app is the record feature. It will record the audio for you while you are on the phone in the background, provided you have an iPhone 3GS running iOS4 or iPhone 4. You can pause up to 30 minutes of live radio. That is cool.


Here’s another game that I kind of like to play. I would much rather do things on the computer but with the Farmville iPhone app I can harvest my crops on the go. The graphics are pretty good on the iPhone 3G but I’ve heard they are really great on the iPhone 4. I will soon find out.

I know this has been short and sweet but thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again here next Thursday.

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