Tech Talk Thursday #30-iPhone 4 Comes to My House

Welcome to another edition of Triple T. This week I’m going to focus on how I got my iPhone 4 and what my impression of it is after using it for just over a week. I’m sure you have already read about the issues some are having with this new device so I’m not going to go over those again here. I’m just going to share my thoughts.

Since I was on the road when pre-orders, I didn’t get my order in on the first day and decided I was going to wait and try to get one at my local AT&T store. One the couple of days before the official launch AT&T announced that they wouldn’t have walk-in sells until June 29th. I then decided to go ahead and order mine from the Apple Store.

I ordered the iPhone 4 32GB and the bumper on the 22nd. The ship date for the iPhone was by July 14th and the ship date for the bumper was by July 24th. The next day I received a shipment notice from Apple and my bumper was on it’s way.

To make this long story short the bumper arrived the Saturday after I ordered and the iPhone took 20 days to get the my house.

Activation was really easy. I plugged it into my MacBook and when the activation screen came up it asked me for my zip code and the last four digits of my Social Security Number. It entered my info and in about two minutes I was able to sync my new iPhone with my computer.

The first thing that I noticed was how fast it synced compared to my 3G. I don’t know how fast the 3GS was at syncing but the 4 is super fast. It would normally take me five to ten minutes to transfer a 900MB movies to my 3G but it only take a couple of minutes to put it on the 4. I was surprised.

The screen is beautiful. That is about all you can say about it. I would never want to go back to using my 3G now because of the screen quality. Apple did great.

The new A4 chip that Apple put into this device is great too. It’s supposed to be a 1GHz and I would believe it. The programs that I used to use on my 3G start in a split second now. I heard you could tell the difference in the 3GS too.

Next is the speed that web pages load. I can tell the difference in that too. When I start the Fox News app I can barely tell that the app has updated the stories almost as fast as I started the program. I’m guessing that it took about 10 seconds or so to update on the 3G and on the 4 takes less than 2 seconds. I get this speed on WI-FI and 3G but on Edge it is a lot slower.

Mutil-tasking is another feature that I like about the new iOS. Although available on the 3GS, it wasn’t on my old 3G. Most of the apps that I use have been updated to take advantage of this feature and it makes listen to Mac OS Ken every morning on Stitcher a lot better because I can listen and look at my email at the same time.

You can probably tell that I’m very satisfied with my new iPhone and it won’t be going back to Apple. As far as all of the issues, I haven’t had any of them. I’ve tried to recreate that antenna problem but I can’t. Even without the bumper I can’t get my bars to drop. After the 4.0.1 update I didn’t see any changes in my bars either except that they were a little bigger.

Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you again here next week.

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  1. Glad your enjoying your new iPhone. Now that I can multitask on my 3GS, I want the same on my iPad. Be great to run Pandora on it while I do other things on the iPad. I will get the iPhone 4 at some point, that iMovie feature sounds like a big selling point for it to us 3GS users.

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