Hojo’s Trucker Chat #27

With my truck in the shop and me driving a sub (that I hope I will get to return this week), this weeks Chat is going to be kind of a short one. To make the story about my truck short I’ll just say that the water pump went out and that was after driving almost 1900 miles from home.

As I was thinking about some of the things that I wanted to write about this week I thought back to the time when I first started with my current company. Business was steady and I was getting plenty of miles. At one point I was down to only working three or four days a week and I was enjoying it.

I was telling this to my friend Monkey one day and he said, “Hojo, I was to ask you a question. Why are you only working three or four days a week?”

I quickly replied, “Because I can’t make it on two.”

For the first time since I’ve know him, Monkey didn’t have something to come back with. I think I surprised him.

I have one more and I promise I will quit. One time the family and I were eating at the Mexican restaurant and the waitress had come by so many times that I was getting a little annoyed. The next time she came to our table she asked, “Do y’all need anything?”

I said, “Yes, we need you to leave us alone.”

I wasn’t being rude really. I was just joking. If this had been our first time there I wouldn’t have said something like that but since she knew us I knew it would be alright.

There’s a couple of things you can use and maybe get a laugh out of this week. Thanks for stopping and I’ll see you next time.

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