Tech Talk Thursday #31

The last couple of days has been full of great tech news and new product releases from Apple. What product are you the most interested in getting?

Now that the bumpers are shipping for the ones that had to order the free one, I’m glad that I went ahead and ordered mine along with the phone. This past week I got an email from Apple telling me that my refund for the bumper that I had ordered was automatically processed and I should see the money back in my account in 3-5 days. Even though that bumper looks really nice it doesn’t provide that much protection. I’ve heard some great stories about the Otterbox cases for iPhone and I’m thinking about getting one of the Otterbox Defender cases. I first want to look at it and see how much bulk it adds to the iPhone 4. I am a little hesitate because the iPhone is such a piece of art that I am afraid of coving it up.

I could go on and on about the iPhone 4but I’ll stop for now.

This next one may have a little to do with the iPhone 4 but for the most part is doesn’t. What’s with these people filing lawsuits over Early Termination Fees (ETF) that the wireless carriers are charging? They are just a bunch of people looking for a quick dollar. What are these people looking for? The must not have read all of the contract that they signed. All they saw was the price of the phone and nothing else.

Personally, I would rather not have the ETFs but since we do have them I’ll live with it. I’m glad that I can go down to most any carrier and not have to pay $500 for a cellphone. I’m not sure which is cheaper but I’m betting it is cheaper to get the subsidized phone and use it for two years and then get a new one. Mainly, if you pay full price for a phone, say $499, your phone bill isn’t any cheaper than if you paid the subsidized price of $299. I’m just saying.

The Library of Congress ruled this week that it is legal to jailbreak and/or unlock your phone, namely the iPhone. I don’t jailbreak my iPhone and won’t because I’m one of AT&T’s satisfied users. I think this ruling is for the right reason but I think Apple should be selling unlocked iPhones in the first place. I also think that Apple has the right to refuse to let you jailbreak into to OS of the iPhone because it pretty much keeps the App Store user friendly.

That’s going to do me for this week. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit my buddy’s blog every Tuesday for his take on tech here.

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