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Tech Talk Thursday #32-On a Tuesday

I’m going to be a couple of days early on this week’s Triple T because tomorrow is the big day for Apple to announce new products or update some of the existing ones. In this edition I’m gong to give my take on what I think we will see tomorrow.

I’ve been an Apple fan since 2005 and the 5th generation iPod with video was the first Apple product that I had even bought. Before that I had used a 30GB Creative Zen to listen to my music on the truck. It was a good MP3 player but the iPod is much easier to manage.

I believe that most of what we are going to see tomorrow is going to be music related and not have anything to do with the Apple TV. I’m sure we’ll hear more about that but probably at a later date in October just like when the iPod with video was announced.

As much as I would like to stream my music over the air, I’m not sure Apple is ready for that right now. Also, with AT&T having tiered data plans now, I don’t think it would go over very well. Is it possible that ATT&T will bring back the unlimited data plans? Probably not. I do know that since I got the TuneIn Radio app a couple of months ago I have used more data streaming audio. I also listen to certain podcast streamed instead of stored on my iPhone.

I saw last night on Macrumors what is supposed to be the new iPod nano and think it might be for real. One picture made it look just like a mini iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. Looked pretty cool but if it is real it will probably just be a music player and nothing more. So long Shuffle? I think so.

Will the iPod Classic be retired? That’s a good question. I think it might be but maybe it can hang on just a while longer. We all know that flash memory is more stable and not as likely to fail as the HD based iPods. I still have my 5th generation iPod and the only thing wrong with it is the battery will hardly hold a charge anymore and it won’t play video. I the the failure to play video was due to the last firmware update but haven’t been able to find any information about how to get the video play back.

Which to buy?

Want to share a story that occurred in Wal-Mart a few day ago in the electronics section of the store. I saw two guys walk up to the iPod display and one was going to buy one but he didn’t know which one to buy. I didn’t want the iPod nano because he had more than 8GB of music but didn’t want the iPod Classic because he didn’t have that much. I was going to suggest to him that he buy as big as he could afford because, unless you are going to stop getting new music, you can always use more storage space.

I know when I bought my first iPhone (the 3G with 8GB) I didn’t think I would ever run out of space. I did and when I upgraded to the iPhone 4 I got the 32GB version and still have plenty of room left for shooting video and taking pictures.

Thanks for stopping by today and I’ll see you a little later in the week with my thoughts about the Apple event tomorrow.


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Hojo’s Trucker Chat #28

If you are a trucker you know how much free time we have to just thinking about different things and I’ve been thinking lately about some of the stupid things others drivers do. Not just other truckers but even the ones driving four wheelers.

A couple of weeks ago I was on my home from California and was driving across Arkansas sometime after noon. I was driving at my top speed of 64 mph and came upon a truck that I thought I could pass. The driver let me get out in the hammer lane and then he sped up so I couldn’t get around him. I did this three times and all three times he would speed up and then slow down. Granted, Arkansas is a 65 mph state for trucks if he would have been driving the speed limit I never would have caught up with him.

The fourth time I tried to get around him, he let me get my tractor passed his and then he kept a steady speed of just under what I could do. After I finally got around him, some 5 or 6 miles later, I got in front of him and then before any cars could get beside him, he gets out in the hammer lane to pass me and passes me like I’m sitting still and blows his horn as he went around. He then ran off and left me.

I don’t know what that driver was trying to prove but that is just rude to do something like that. If I had known that I couldn’t have passed him I wouldn’t have even gotten out in the hammer lane.

This second one almost cost the lady her life and she probably doesn’t even know it.

I had to deliver a load over in McCalla, AL, and my exit to go to the receiver was the same exit as the Flying J. I was going down through there and was headed onto the receiver and didn’t even have my blinker on to turn into the J. The lady in the car just assumed that I was going to turn and pulled out in front of me. I saw where she had done and I think when she looked at me she thought she had already messed up.

Obviously, I didn’t hit her but her assumption that I was going to turn because it was a truck stop could have easily cost her life.

That’s going to do me for this week. Thanks for dropping by and hope you will come back again next time.

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