Tech Talk Thursday #33-September Apple Event

Like my previous blog post about Apple events I don’t want to rehash what all the other blogs are doing and just repeat the happenings of yesterday. I do want to give my views and thoughts about the new products that were announced yesterday.

First, let me say that I was totally wrong on a few of things. I didn’t expect the iPod Touch to have both cameras, I didn’t expect the new Apple TV and I didn’t expect to see the iPod Shuffle.

I’m really not that excited about the new Shuffle or the new Nano but I really think the new Nano looks cool and if I didn’t already have a 2nd generation Shuffle would like to have one.

Although I have an iPhone, now I can recommend to all my non-iPhone owning friends that the iPod Touch is the thing to buy. Now it really is an iPhone without the phone. Just add on Skype or other VOIP app and you have a phone too.

Now to the Apple TV that I’m only kind of excited about because I don’t have an HD television. I would like to watch the movies and tv shows that I have on my iMac on the tv but my internet connection is so slow that I don’t think renting and watching an HD movie would be very good. I would have to pay more for more speed and right now I just don’t see doing that.


I finally signed up for my first account on Netflix. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and since the Netflix iPhone app has come out I decided to that first step. It was an easy process and on top of the movies and tv show that I get to stream I get one DVD at a time and a whole month free. I’m looking forward to watching some shows that I haven’t had the chance to watch since I’ve been trucking.

That’s going to do me for me for this week. Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.

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