Tech Talk Thursday #35

Next month will mark my first anniversary of when I started blogging on a somewhat regular bases. Since the beginning I have upgraded my PowerBook G4 to a MacBook, upgraded my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4, and have also started using a wireless keyboard with my iPhone 4. I believe there will be fewer changes over the next year but we will have to see.

This week I want to review an iPhone app and also the wireless keyboard. For the record, the last few post have been posted using only the iPhone 4 and the wireless keyboard.

Before getting my wireless keyboard, I was using MacJournal on my MacBook and then syncing with my iPhone and then posting with the MacJournal iPhone app. It worked out pretty good except I had to boot the MacBook just to make a post. With the wireless keyboard and Blogpress things are much easier and work almost without any problems.

I bough Blogpress on the recommendation of my friend, Rob, and it has been a very good app. Probably one of the best purchases I have made from the app store ($2.99). With Blogpress you can make post right now or you can schedule your post like I often do. One ofthe great things about this app is also the ability to insert pictures and links into your post. There are several HTML codes you can use to customize your post and make it look just like you what it to. Also, it will let you add tags and categories to your post as well. This is the best blogging app I know of for the iPhone or the iPad.

The wireless keyboard is great too. It doesn’t take up much room and is really easy to carry around with you. The thing that I look for in a keyboard is the way it feels while I’m typing. This keyboard is as easy to type on as the keyboard on my MacBook and feels really good. I haven’t used it for a really long time but I think the battery life is going to be great. I turn the keyboard off when I’m not using it because it will pair with my iPhone when I turn the bluetooth on and I don’t want that to happen since I use a bluetooth headset to talk on while I’m driving. With all that said this keyboard is worth every penny I paid for it ($69).

So these are my mobile blogging tools. Hope you enjoyed this weeks edition and will see you again here next week. Thanks for stopping.

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