I’m Just Saying…#4-I Don’t Like Loafers

Last week my friend, Rob, did a blog post with the title “I Don’t Like Loafers”. I asked if I could steal the title and he said, “Sure.” His had to do with the shoes that we call loafers but in my post today I’m going to look at it totally different.

The loafers I’m talking about are the ones that are standing around in McDonald’s or any other place I decide I want to eat at. I called out McDonald’s because that is the one that I visit the most in my travels and also the one that I worked at as a teenager.

As you can see in the picture this burger is a mess and the meat and cheese aren’t even on it for the most part. I don’t even make my burgers at home like this so why would I want one served to me like it? Many years ago, when I worked at McDonald’s, if we had served something that looked like this we would have probably been written up. We didn’t do stuff like this.

The person that made this burger probably didn’t want to be there but there are times when I don’t want to go to work either and I do. Judging from the attitudes that most of the employees have, they think they are doing you a favor by doing their job. I was taught that I wasn’t doing the customer a favor but he/she was doing me a favor by coming in.

Another things that makes me mad is when I’m standing there waiting on my food (it’s no longer fast food) and most of the employees are just standing around talking and carrying on and not worried about if I get my order or not. Then they turn to me and say, “What are you waiting on?” It’s not like it’s not up on that screen. They should know.

This doesn’t happen just at McDonald’s either. I’ve seen it at other places. One place that comes to mind is the Pilot Travel Centers. The only reason I even stop in there is because of the coffee and I think it’s too expensive but I keep buying it. Doesn’t matter what time of day you go in there, they are only going to have one register open and five people behind the counter. What’s up with that? As much money as they are making (how they are doing that is another story) you would think that they could afford to have two registers open all the time.

As you can probably tell, I don’t have much tolerance for loafers and people that don’t do their job. If I don’t do mine they’d get rid of me in a heart beat.

If you just want to socialize, go to the park and meet up with your friends but don’t do it while I’m waiting for you to put my order on my tray so I can eat. I’m just saying….

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