Hojo’s Trucker Chat #29

Hello and welcome to the new edition of Hojo’s Trucker Chat. I’ve been waiting to write this for a while now because I have been waiting on something to show up at my door.

Back in August I had seen a tweet by another trucker about a product called RoadID. I went to the website and looked at it and decided that I wanted to get one. I didn’t order it then because I’m the world’s best procrastinator. Finally on the morning of August 21 I pressed the button “Place Order” or whatever it was.

Although I was informed when I place the ID bracelet in my cart that it would be over in September before I would be getting it, I thought everything was ok. The day that it was supposed to ship I got an email from the company that said it was gong to be shipping in about two weeks. Two weeks later and another email saying basically the same thing. It did ship out before the second date and when it arrived in my box and took it out and new I had gotten something that may very well save my life.

What is a RoadID, you may be asking? It is an ID bracelet that you can wear on your wrist, ankle, around your neck, or even on your shoes much like the medical IDs that people wear in case of an emergency.

They come two different ways: basic and interactive. On the basic all of your info in on the stainless steel plate and on the interactive you can put two lines of text to help identify you and below that it has an 800# and website that the EMTs can use to get more information about you.

I chose the interactive and had my name and year of birth on the first line and the fact that I was diabetic on the second line. One the back side of the plate there is a serial number and PIN that have to be used to find out my information.

The basic bracelet is $19.99 and the interactive is $19.99. With the interactive bracelet you get one year of service to the website and then after that it is $9.99 a year. (Some of the items do cost more but for the bracelet it’s just $19.99)

All the details are on the website and I think you , as a trucker, will find this to be invaluable if you are every involved in an accident where your can’t speak.

Other types of people will find these bracelets to be something that could help them as well if they aren’t able to speak.

I have three codes that I will send to you if you will comment and let me know you want one of these. The code will be good for $1 off the price.

Thanks for dropping in and will see you all again soon.

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