Tech Talk Thursday #36

It’s been months since I put out the last Triple T and really months since I’ve even written here. I am back and ready to talk about technology every Thursday. I have been staying really busy the last several months and have accomplished a lot of things in those months. For those of you that haven’t read my weight loss blog, I have lost over 40 pounds and have started running. I have done this with the help of technology and want to talk about that today.

I have written about the Lose It app before but that was my first step in my journey. I started logging everything that I ate and for the most part the weight did come off. I know it wasn’t just that but it was a big part of it. Lose It is a free app and there is a web site associated with it too. You can input what you eat either on the iPhone, iPod Touch or on the web and it will sync all devices that are associated with that account. It will allow you to lose up to two pounds per week or just maintain your current weight. When I started my program I was budgeted 1903 calories per day to lose two pounds a week. Before I changed my program to lose just one pound a week, I was budgeted 1640 calories per day. As you lose weight your calorie needs go down too.

The second thing that I am using to help me is a GPS watch. My watch is the Garmin 405. Whenever I am running outside I wear it and it works great. It keeps up with distance, time, and pace. I like to know my those three things and that is what I have displayed on my screen. You can have as many as three different screens that show different things and it will rotate the screens. I use just the one screen. When you finish your run you get near your computer that has your dongle pulled into the USB port and it automatically sends your running info to your computer. I personally export my run and import it into Runkeeper.

Runkeeper also has an iPhone app that I started using in the beginning and I loved it too. It keeps up with all the things that the GPS watch does and automatically sends it to the Runkeeper web site. The iPhone app and the web site now sync together too.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again next week when I will be reviewing the Amazon Kindle.

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